Summer is a season of fun, outdoor activities, and sunny days spent at the beach or by the pool. While we all love the warmth and excitement that summer brings, it’s essential to take extra care of our hair during this time. The combination of harsh sun rays and high humidity can wreak havoc on our strands, leaving them dry, frizzy, and damaged. But don’t worry! In this article, The Value Place will share some valuable haircare tips to help you protect your locks from the sun and humidity, so you can enjoy the summer while keeping your hair looking fabulous.


Shield Your Hair from the Sun

woman wearing hat

Just as we protect our skin from harmful UV rays, our hair also needs some extra love and care during sunny days. Here’s what you can do to shield your hair from the sun:


Wear a Hat: Hats not only add a fashionable touch to your summer outfits but also provide excellent protection for your hair. Opt for wide-brimmed hats or caps that cover your scalp and hair, shielding them from direct sun exposure.


Use UV Protection: Look for hair products that contain UV filters or sun protection factors (SPF). These products create a barrier between your hair and the sun, preventing color fading, dryness, and damage. Apply them before heading outdoors to safeguard your strands.


Hydrate Your Hair

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Humidity can lead to excessive moisture absorption, making your hair prone to frizz and unruliness. To combat this, keep your hair well-hydrated and moisturized. Here’s how:


Deep Conditioning Treatments: Incorporate deep conditioning treatments into your haircare routine once or twice a week. These treatments penetrate the hair shaft, providing intense hydration and nourishment. Look for products that contain ingredients like argan oil, shea butter, or coconut oil to restore moisture and strengthen your strands.


Leave-In Conditioner: A leave-in conditioner is your best friend during the summer months. After washing your hair, apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner to damp hair, focusing on the ends. This will help seal in moisture, tame frizz, and provide extra protection against humidity.


Minimize Heat Styling

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Excessive heat styling can be damaging to your hair, and during summer, it’s best to give your locks a break from high temperatures. Here are some tips to minimize heat styling:


Air Dry: Embrace your natural texture and let your hair air dry whenever possible. Avoid using blow dryers and other heat styling tools unless necessary. If you need to speed up the drying process, opt for a cool setting on your blow dryer or gently pat your hair dry with a microfiber towel.


Heat Protectant: If you must use heat styling tools, always apply a heat protectant spray or serum beforehand. This will create a protective barrier, minimizing damage caused by heat and reducing the risk of hair breakage.


Tame Frizz with Anti-Humidity Products

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Humidity can wreak havoc on even the most well-behaved hair, causing frizz and flyaways. Combat the frizz monster with anti-humidity products:


Serums and Oils: Apply a small amount of anti-frizz serum or oil to your hair after styling. These products coat the hair strands, providing a barrier against humidity and keeping your locks smooth and shiny.


Humidity-Resistant Hairspray: Opt for a humidity-resistant hairspray to lock in your hairstyle and tame frizz. Look for lightweight formulas that won’t weigh down your hair.


Protect Your Hair While Swimming

woman in pool

Swimming is a refreshing way to beat the summer heat, but chlorine and saltwater can be harsh on your hair. Follow these tips to protect your strands while enjoying a dip in the pool or ocean:


Pre-Wet Your Hair: Before jumping into the pool or ocean, make sure to thoroughly wet your hair with clean water. By saturating your hair with fresh water, it becomes less likely to absorb as much chlorinated or saltwater.


Apply a Leave-In Conditioner: Prior to swimming, apply a leave-in conditioner or a protective oil to your hair. This creates a barrier between your strands and the harsh chemicals or salt in the water. Focus on the lengths and ends, where your hair is most vulnerable.


Wear a Swim Cap: Consider wearing a swim cap to provide an extra layer of protection for your hair. Swim caps create a physical barrier, keeping your hair away from the chlorinated water or saltwater. They also help to minimize contact between your hair and the sun’s rays.


Rinse and Shampoo Immediately: After swimming, rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water to remove any chlorine or salt residue. Follow up with a gentle clarifying shampoo to cleanse your hair and remove any lingering chemicals. It’s important to wash your hair as soon as possible to prevent damage caused by prolonged exposure to chlorine or salt.


Deep Condition and Hydrate: Treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment after swimming. This will help replenish moisture lost due to chlorine or saltwater exposure. Look for deep conditioning masks specifically designed to repair and hydrate hair damaged by chlorine or salt.


Protect Your Hair at Bedtime

silk pillowcase

Proper nighttime haircare is essential for maintaining healthy and manageable hair, especially during the summer. Follow these tips to protect your locks while you sleep:


Use a Silk or Satin Pillowcase: Swap your cotton pillowcase for a silk or satin one. These fabrics create less friction, reducing hair breakage and preventing frizz. Additionally, silk and satin help to retain moisture, keeping your hair hydrated overnight.


Wrap Your Hair: If you have longer hair, consider wrapping it in a loose bun or using a silk/satin hair wrap before bed. This prevents tangles, reduces friction, and helps maintain your hairstyle for the next day.


Stay Hydrated and Eat a Healthy Diet

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Your hair’s health is not only influenced by external factors but also by your internal well-being. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Proper hydration helps to keep your hair and scalp moisturized from within. Additionally, ensure your diet includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, and proteins that provide essential nutrients for healthy hair growth.



With the right care and attention, you can protect your hair from the damaging effects of the summer sun and humidity. Shielding your hair from the sun, keeping it hydrated, minimizing heat styling, using anti-humidity products, and protecting it while swimming are all key strategies to maintain healthy and beautiful locks throughout the summer season. Remember to be gentle with your hair, embrace its natural texture, and give it the care it deserves. By following these haircare tips, you can enjoy the summer to the fullest while keeping your strands happy and protected.