Who doesn’t like basking in the summer sun? Save for its scorching heat, which could potentially ruin your skin care regimen, there is nothing to hate about summer. It is the season of the great outdoors when people love to explore and flaunt their summer OOTDs.

However, no OOTD is ever complete without accessories. It is why fashionable outfits need equally stylish accessories to create the best possible look. Here is a short list of the must-have accessories for this summer’s adventures:

Bucket Hats

These hats have stolen the spotlight and are now one of the most sought-after summer fashion accessories. It is already far from the traditional perception of bucket hats that they are useful only when used for fishing or in sports.

This time around, bucket hats come in various prints and colors, making them fit perfectly to your summer wear. You can use them stylishly and artistically, depending on your choice and where you are comfortable. They also have an undeniable utility when it comes to shielding your face from the heat of the sun.

Baker Boy Hats


While they usually match winter pieces, these baker boy hats have crossed seasons and became one of the must-have summer accessories. These classic caps have made their way to a lot of women’s closet because of its chic and stylish designs.

Baker boy hats are perfect for your weekend summer ensembles, and they are effortless to pair with jeans, dresses, shorts, and skirts. These hats are also very cool to wear, and they can easily protect your face from the sun’s scorching heat.

Wide Brim Hats

These hats, often made of straw, are also constant summer accessories. They match with probably every outfit there is because of their ordinarily neutral color. You can opt, however, to get an oversized hat which pops in bold colors. It makes your overall summer OOTD even more exciting and playful.

Same as the bucket hats, they provide high utility through shielding perhaps all parts of your face from the summer heat. This way, you can still go out there and take your picture in the summer heat without worrying about ruining your skin care regimen.

Shrunken Bags

Imagine your favorite handbags offered at mini sizes. This is it! Shrunken bags have become part of the trend because they are effortless to bring. You can carry them around without having to worry much on the weight that you are bringing with you.

It is essential because many people complain about having to bring huge bags to make sure that they have everything they need. Shrunken bags also match effortlessly with your chosen outfits. While they may not contain a lot of the stuff that you usually put in your big bag, these shrunken bags are nevertheless very convenient in their way.

Belt Bags


Fanny packs have become sophisticated nowadays with its modern and stylish twist. Very far from the traditional perception of them, they now come in sleek and elegant designs. They are almost the end of the shrunken bags.

This time, you no longer have to bring them because they are already attached to your body – hands-free! They can come in small sizes which can only fit your wallet and phone. It is very convenient to use because you no longer have to mind bringing a bag. It is also easy and simple to mix and match with other outfits, making it very flexible.

Basket Bags

These basket bags have probably been in the list of fashionable accessories for summer for quite a while now, and they are still here to stay. Typically made of wicker, straw, rattan, or bamboo, these basket bags give a picnic-chic vibe that goes very well with the summer season.

Basket bags also give off a very calm and on-the-go vibe, especially if you are out on a travel escapade. They are now readily available in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Surely, they will make great partners for women who love to match their outfit to their bags.

Cross Body Bags


These round cross body bags often come in circular shapes and are made of straw or rattan. Since they are small and non-stretchable, you will be forced only to pack the bare essentials. It is something for which you will thank the bag for after a while.

Bringing only a few items when walking around gives so much relief because they are lightweight, but you still get to give off the same class and style. Also, because of its rigid structure, the items inside your bag are surely kept in proper shape. While it is very convenient, do not forget that it is also comfortable.

Printed Scarves

You might probably think how these scarves ever made it to the list of summer fashion trends, right? They are often wrapped around the neck to provide warmth in times of freezing weather. But apparently, they are not for your neck this time.

These printed scarves are here to give accent to your handbags. Just tie them to the side or the string into a ribbon or tie it loosely there to flow; it is all your choice. These boldly printed pieces with intricate designs will give a fresh new twist to the look of your usual bags.

Feather Fashion


Feather fashion dates back to years before, but it is undoubtedly here to stay. They do not have to be overtly feathery, though; just a touch of the feathers in the edges of your coat or the hem of your skirt is enough to do the magic.

These feathers are also included as part of your everyday bag and shoes to add a playful, yet gentle and soft, touch to your accessories. They are also very eye-grabbing and unique, making your summer look one of a kind.

Angular Frame Sunglasses

Are you getting bored of the round and oval shape of your sunglasses? Fret not because now, angular frame sunglasses have already become a thing. These glasses have a full range of shapes from triangles to diamonds and even hexagons.

The cat eye shape sunglasses are also very famous nowadays because of its sophisticated look. The cool and edgy designs are surely here to make your overall summer look more vibrant and upbeat. What a better way to shield your eyes from sunlight than to rock it with these bold fashion statements?

Pearl Jewelry

Away from the traditional big pearl designs from grandma’s closet, the modern pearl jewelry now comes in different styles. These include layered necklaces, dangling earrings, cute little bracelets, and even ear cuffs.

The beauty of the pearls brings a touch of the sea to your outfit, making it very appropriate for your summer wear. It brings a special kind of elegance to your summer look. Its uniqueness lies in its imperfection – from the difference in color shades to the uneven sizes of the pearls.

Sea-Inspired Bracelets


Beaded bracelets add a colorful accent on your summer outfit, especially if you are out on the beach. They usually come in the colors of the sea, like blue and green, or neutrals like gray, black, or beige. Some bracelets are also designed from seashells of varying shapes and sizes. They give off a very native and nature-inspired vibe, making your overall look feel a lot like summer.

Statement Earrings

Tone down your necklaces for a while and make way for attention-grabbing earrings which are here to give your overall look a certain kind of attitude and style. The most popular types are differently-colored tassel earrings, which flow smoothly as you move.

It would be better to choose those statement earrings which touch on the shoulder to maximize its effects. These earrings pair perfectly with off-shoulder tops, neutral colors, and everyday dresses. You will surely be able to step up your cute OOTD into a more bold yet playful type.

Collar Necklaces

Now if you are not into using statement earrings, then you can settle for the small and simple ones, then partner it with collar necklaces. These are large pieces of necklaces which draw attention to the neck area. They may come in layered or dangling styles.

Similar to statement earrings, best paired with off-shoulder tops and even spaghetti straps – those outfits which do not add volume to the upper body. These collar necklaces will surely complete your look and fill in the voids in your shoulder and neck parts.



Yes, you read that right. Those cute little anklets we have all grown up with are now making a comeback as a summer fashion trend. They come in various colors and designs and made of different materials like pearls, shells, chains, and beads. These anklets add a playful little twist to your ankles which would have been just bare without these small accessories. They are so comfortable to wear such that you can slip it on and leave it at that for the entire summer. 

Pins and Bows

Of course, we can never leave the hair behind. This summer, accentuate your hair with popular pins to make it more alive. There are already a lot of styles available for the pins such as pearls, feathers, animal prints, pattern designs, or bold colors.

If you are not into hairpins and clips, then bows may be an alternative option for you. It is especially helpful if you can no longer withstand the heat of the weather and you would rather have your hair up than let it flow down. These bows also come in various designs, styles, and sizes, depending on the character that you wish to add to your summer look.

Neon Accessories

From bags, hats, and scarves to the shoes, you can freely explore the use of neon colors for your summer outfit. The colors have a vast variety such as lime green, hot pink, bright yellow, and all the like.

Especially if you are adventurous and bold in the way you dress, these neon accessories will pump up the attitude in your overall look. Do not worry anymore about your skin tone because there is a neon color out there that will surely fit perfectly. So bring out the adventurous chic in you and get that neon accent on.

Clog Sandals


But if you love traveling with heels, this is probably a comfortable alternative for you this summer. Compared to the sculptural ones, these are flat-form sandals which have block heels. They are your modern alternative to the classic summer wedge that people have come to love.

The clog heels come in various designs and colors. You may choose from a range of neutral ones if you like to mix and match with your other clothes. Also, you may opt for the bold colors and the vibrant prints if you are more adventurous with your OOTDs.

Flat Sandals

These strapped flat sandals have also successfully made it to the list of summer must-haves. They are almost always the summer staples, especially if you love traveling outdoors. It is very comfortable to wear when you explore nature, especially the beach this summer.

Whether you are going out to the fields, in the gardens, or by the seashore, these sandals will surely be your most fabulous partner. You do not need to worry about it being soaked in water or the mud because it is effortless to clean, making you on-the-go for your summer escapes.

Sculptural Heels


Summer fashion accessories are all about making a statement and turning the entire look into a unique masterpiece. It is why sculptural heels have taken the runway by storm.

Great to be used in the urban streets, these heels give off a very stylish vibe to your overall OOTD. They come in various designs, shapes, and colors; each of them with an artistic character of their own. They also have multiple textures; some are glass-like, while some are wooden. So feel free to explore this bold new trend to make a style of your own.

Don’t worry to try out new things, especially the accessories which are rather rare for you. You will never know which design and style will fit you unless you try. So go for it, girl! No one is ever too colorful for summer anyway.