It’s probably safe to say that nearly all grown woman has dreamed of becoming a Disney princess when they were younger.

And who can blame us? Disney princesses are flawless:

Snow White’s acne-free skin? Check. Ariel’s wide, dreamy eyes? Check. And how about Pocahontas’ chiseled cheekbones? Also, check.

But it’s not just their physical features or statuses that make them attractive. Most of them are relatable in one way or another.

That being said, being a princess is next to impossible for many of us. Unless a real-life prince comes our way, of course.

The closest that we could get to becoming a princess is to look like them through the use of makeup, even for just a day.


When it comes to makeup, the princess look is high up on our list. And there’s certainly no shortage of Instagram photos, YouTube videos, and movies that pay homage to the Disney royalty that we’ve loved all these years.

Looking for ways on how you can rock the Disney princess look? We’ve got video tutorials and inspirations to get you started.

Plus: We’ve got recommendations for gadgets and gizmos aplenty (aka makeup and tools) you’ll need to cop the princess look.

Ready to become a princess for a day? Check out some ideas below.

Snow White

When it comes to Disney princesses, Snow White is usually the first to come to mind. With her signature red lips and innocent doe-eyed look, Snow White is a favorite among kids and cosplayers alike.

Makeup artist Emma Pickles created a look that’s based on Jirka Väätäinen’s digital art series. It’s not so much of a Disney look, but it’s a gorgeous one, nonetheless.

Emma begins by using a long-wearing and heavy coverage foundation (she used Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Bone) to create a smooth and pale canvas for the transformation. 

As Snow White has dark brows, she used black eyeshadow to shape and fill in her brows, creating a slight arch that looks natural.

For the eyes, she used a liquid liner to create tiny wings, but you can use a black eyeshadow applied with an angled brush for a softer look.

She also applied a white eyeliner to her bottom waterline and smudged a brown eyeshadow underneath to open up the eyes.

The eye makeup is simple for everyday use, but the blush is a different story. Snow White has flushed cheeks that look like apples. Emma skipped on the bronzer but went crazy with a pink blush to stay true to Snow White’s look. You can tone down the blush if you want a wearable look.

See Snow White’s look:

Princess Jasmine

Commonly known for her YouTube username dope2111, Promise Phan’s makeup transformations are always phenomenal.

Remember that time when she turned herself into a Bratz Doll? Yeah, that was insane.

Phan’s tutorials are mostly easy to follow, but the best part about them is that they are always spot on. It’s like you’re looking at a completely different person, which is to say that she’s done one heck of a good job with her makeup.

In her Princess Jasmine video, Promise used the limited edition ColourPop Disney Designer Collection–a makeup set that includes an eyeshadow palette, 6 lipsticks named after Disney princesses, shimmery eyeshadow pots, luscious lip glosses, and shocking highlighters.

She didn’t use them all. And you don’t need to either. But if you have light skin, the one thing that you NEED to get for this look is a foundation that’s one shade darker than your own to match Princess Jasmine’s warm skin tone.

Also, in the video below, she used Ben Nye’s Nose and Scar Wax to elongate and change the shape of her nose. But if you’re not into using prosthetics, you could fake a longer nose by contouring around the edges.

Check out the finished look:

Ariel the Little Mermaid

Young, innocent, and sweet. That’s Ariel. This little mermaid may not know the difference between a hairbrush and a fork, but she definitely knows how to rock the romantic look.

With a flutter of her eyelashes, Prince Eric was hooked. 

Now if that’s your Disney princess makeup goal, this tutorial by Patrick Starr on American actress Madelaine Petsch should get you in on the right track.

The goal of this look isn’t to look completely like Ariel. It’s more like a grown-up version of the Little Mermaid.

Patrick begins by shaping Madelaine’s brows into thick natural-looking arches (Ariel has pretty thin and sparse brows, btw) and filling them in with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil in Caramel. It’s a beautiful reddish-brown shade that’s perfect for this look.

For the eyes, he used a combination of pretty purples and pinks to smoke out the eyes. As with any Disney princess look, blush is essential. Patrick applied a peachy coral shade heavy-handedly to emphasize the apples of the cheeks.

If you’re a natural redhead, it’s best to use makeup that’s made for sensitive skin. Some of the makeup that Patrick used in the video are Madelaine’s.

The final look right here:


Pocahontas rocks the no-makeup makeup look. With her tanned skin, luscious lips, and beautiful bone structure, it’s easy for her to get away with just a few essentials.

In her YouTube video, Brittany Barragan (also known as BrittanyBearMakeup), demonstrates how it’s done. The tutorial is very easy to follow, and the result is just beautiful.

With neutral eyeshadow colors, a generous amount of contour and bronzer, and a nude lipstick, Brittany was able to bring Pocahontas to life.

Here is the final look:

It helps that Brittany already looks like Pocahontas, to begin with. Nonetheless, this princess look will great on everyone. And the steps are really simple, which makes it perfect for those who are makeup beginners.

The great thing about this look is that you can wear it every single day–at work, when meeting friends for brunch, or when doing errands. It’s a very natural makeup that is for any occasion or wardrobe.


Let’s head over to the East and see Mulan as a young bride-to-be. This YouTube tutorial by Liang starts with her shaving and trimming her eyebrows.

You don’t have to do the same, obviously. But if thin brows are your thing, then you do you. Alternatively, you could also conceal your eyebrows, so you can still have your natural brows back when you remove the makeup.

Brows aside, the makeup tutorial is pretty easy to follow. Liang starts with a lavender Innisfree makeup base to brighten her complexion and follows it with several layers of pale cream foundation.

She then applies blush high up on her cheekbones just like Mulan did and then proceeds with filling in her eyebrows and keeping them slightly straight.

Liang kept her eyeshadow rather simple with a purple hue. It’s the thick and exaggerated wing that pulled off the Mulan look. And the classic red lip, of course.

Enjoy the final look:


She’s pretty. She’s smart. She’s strong. Yes, that’s Belle, your friendly neighborhood bookworm. And she’s one of our favorite Disney princesses of all time.

Cosplayer Jessica Vill (JBunzie) created a Belle makeup tutorial, and it’s amazing. This tutorial isn’t actually about transforming into Belle, the Disney princess. It’s about transforming into Emma Watson, who played Belle in the movie Beauty and the Beast (2017).

If that sounds confusing, check out the final look and the video to see the transformation.

Jessica started off by gluing her eyebrows in place and concealing them until they are almost invisible. This is an essential step as Emma Watson has low-set brows. It also helped in creating a new set of eyebrows that looked more like Emma’s and less like Jessica’s.

Once the glue and concealer are set, Jessica drew straight eyebrows and contoured heavily around her eyes and nose. She also contoured above her natural cheekbones and on the jawline to make her face look taller and longer.

The rest of the tutorial is pretty straightforward, but the final result is simply breathtaking.

See the final look:


Jessica Vill (aka JBunzie) did another stunning Disney princess look. This time it’s Cinderella on the spotlight. The transformation is inspired by Lily James’ look in the movie Cinderella.

Jessica starts with her usual foundation as base and concealer under the eyes and over the eyelids for a wide-awake look. She kept the eyeshadow very minimalistic, wearing only neutral shades and a gel liner for a short wing.

Her blush technique is something that anyone can use to make the face look taller and longer:

Start by applying the blush to the apples of the cheek and drag it a little further down. Jessica also applied some blush to her nose and chin and on her temples for an all-over-flush.

Combining two shades of lipstick from the Colourpop Disney Princess collection, Jessica was able to recreate the lip color used on Lily James.

See the magic here:

Queen Elsa

If you haven’t heard yet about YouTuber My Pale Skin, then you’re probably living under a rock. Em Ford, the beautiful lady behind the channel, is no stranger to transformation.

Her viral video “You Look Disgusting” delves into how Em is perceived online and the numerous comments she’s received about her appearance.

Em shot an Elsa-inspired makeup tutorial a few years back, and it’s certainly one of the most amazing Elsa tutorials we’ve found so far.

She starts by prepping her skin with a moisturizer and used a heavy coverage foundation to even out her skin tone and conceal her acne scars.

Using a combination of pink and purple eyeshadow, Em created Elsa’s trademark eye look. The rest of her face is kept simple with a pink blush and pink lipstick.

The transformation here:

Princess Anna

Is there any makeup look that Promise Phan cannot do? She’s at it again with a makeup tutorial inspired by Princess Anna from the movie Frozen.

Princess Anna’s makeup look is more natural than Elsa’s jewel hues. With lots of browns and pinks, Promise was able to look like a live version of Anna.

The key to this look is copying Anna’s doll-like eyes, which Promise was able to recreate using neutral-colored eyeshadow and thick winged liner.

She used a dark brown shadow to draw a crease above her natural one and lined her upper lids heavily with black eyeliner.

Finally, for her eyes, she used two pairs of false eyelashes for her upper eyelids and stacked them together. She also used a shorter pair of lashes on her lower lash line to open up her eyes and capture Anna’s cartoon gaze.

For the cheeks, Promise dusted off some highlighter above her cheekbones and swept pink blush over the apples of her cheek.

Of course, the Princess Anna look is not complete without the cute freckles across the cheeks and nose. Using a blonde-colored pencil, Promise dotted the “freckles” and lightly dabbed on them to make them look more natural.

To make her lips look thin like Anna’s, Promise used a pale pink lipliner, drew a thin line over her lips, and topped it off with clear gloss.

The final look:

Which Disney Princess are You?

Overall, the Disney princess looks are as playful and free-spirited much like princesses themselves?

Although the videos feature some high-end cosmetics, anyone can recreate the looks above using products you already own. Drugstore makeup is a good alternative and an inexpensive one too.

Found the princess look that you want? Let us know in the comments which Disney princess do you resemble the most.