As the air begins to thicken and the clouds start covering the sun, you know summer is coming to an end. Soon, we will all be wearing dense layers and bulky boots to shield us from the cold’s frosty bite. But since we still have plenty of time left to revel in the summer sun, why not put on the best outfits we can for the season’s transition? From Miss Selfridge’s summer lookbook, here are 12 trendy outfits to end your summer with a bang!

Boho Chic

Best for hitting the beach or going to festivals, the bohemian look is always a summer favorite. Boho babes give off this soulful and youthful vibe, yet never sacrifice style or comfort. No boho outfit is complete without a floral maxi skirt. It has a low sexy slit that is not too revealing, keeping the look conservative and playful. You can pair this skirt with a white spaghetti strap blouse or bandeau top. This ensemble allows every boho girl the comfort to move around.

Complete your down-to-earth vibe by matching your skirt with mid-calf boots. Choose a hat and a small backpack with tiny embellishments to complement the overall look. Bring out the playful boho goddess in you by adding simple golden rings and necklaces with round pendants. The best thing about this style is jewelry. You can wear as much or as little as you like without looking like you are going overboard. Boho chic is the best of both worlds – you get comfort and style in one complete outfit.

Puffed Sleeves

Coming back in style are puffed sleeves from the ’80s. This outfit features an animal print blouse with gathered puffed sleeves, achieving a laid back feel without looking too drab. It features a sweetheart neckline and hemmed waistline that playfully accentuates a girl’s features. Pair this blouse with light-colored jeans, and you’re off to town! Whether you’re only running errands or going to the mall, this comfy outfit is the perfect partner in crime. 

While you’re out running errands, you will need a stylish round rattan handbag to carry with you. Rattan bags have made a lasting impact on fashion this season. With the movement towards a greener earth and loving locally-made products, this handbag covers it all. This locally produced bag is not just for aesthetic; it is functional as well. It can carry all your make-up essentials, water bottles, sunscreen, bathing suits. The best footwear to pair this with is sandals in earthy tones, perfectly matching this nature-inspired bag.

Even while on the go, girls need to accessorize! To accentuate the neck and sweetheart hemline, finish the look with a gold choker and a dangling necklace. Every girl also needs to complement her functional outfit with stylish gold bracelets. Fashioning bracelets of different sizes and thicknesses can add elegance to an ensemble by keeping it from looking too homey.

The Floral Dress

Of course, any summer collection would not be complete without a summer dress. Pieces with floral designs are timeless. This floral-print smock has always been a favorite. Yes, we hear you. Smock sounds like something your grandmother would put on. A beautiful piece like this will transform your mindset on smocks.

It has long sleeves, but since it is made with light fabric, it has an airy feel. The pink and black material is sheer, so wear a black inner bandeau. This mini dress ends just above the thigh, perfect for a summer stroll around town. Sport a black crossbody bag with this outfit and pink velvet sandals to match for extra flourish. The best jewelry pieces you can use to accessorize are a small pendant necklace and a shell anklet. We promise you will miss wearing shell anklets when summer is over!

Summer Colors

This season, the color rust has been trending in the fashion world. It is bold and loud. For this fall, we would like to introduce you to a new shade—apricot. It is a sweet and lighter hue than rust. Apricot-colored pieces are perfect choices for the end-of-summer season.

This apricot dress, made of light fabrics, is breezy and cool to wear. It is a mini skater dress that has a short cut, ending on top of the thighs. The skater skirt brings a fluid style, making this dress a must-have for the season.

Finish the look with a small rust-colored sling bag that is comfortable to carry and hassle-free. This bag only takes the necessities—lipstick, phone, and wallet. Using this season’s trending colors is excellent, but do not drown your outfit with too much of them. Break the monotony by choosing white-colored heels; this lends a clean aesthetic. You can easily accessorize this ensemble by adding a classy gold wristwatch or gold band.

Animal Prints

Power through fall by making a roaring statement; and nothing roars louder than animal prints. This cheetah printed dress hugs your features in all the right places, accentuating the hips and bodice. The midi’s low V neckline and slit are playful features that complement the dress’ half sleeves. For a look as loud as this, you don’t even need to wear jewelry.

This outfit works for any mood. It works well with either your “I can conquer the world” heels or your “let’s enjoy Sunday” comfy sandals. With this get up, you can wear whatever footwear you want that gives you that extra push for the day.

With all these animal prints, you’d think we would be going on a summer safari, but some animals are just closer to home. Think a woman’s best friend—dogs. We can give you 101 reasons why this off-shoulder Dalmatian tea dress is excellent for the warm weather, but that will take forever. For now, here are only some reasons to love this outfit. The fabric is made with an ultra-lightweight material that allows you to breathe even on the hottest days. Another reason why this is a forever favorite is its versatility. This dress typically goes well with anything, so that you can change from sporting Nikes to functional heels in no time.

If you opted for strappy sandals, accessorize with a nude-colored crossbody bag to match. Keep the accessories to a minimum by choosing a simple necklace with a statement pendant. And, on sweltering days, show the sun who’s boss and put on a pair of Raybans.

Stylish Khakis

This look is effortless to throw on but gives a powerful impact that lasts long. Start the outfit with greenish-brown khaki trousers that are functional and fun for any fall occasion. It comfortably hugs the waist, creating a beautiful silhouette. Style your peg leg trousers by folding the ends, make your legs appear longer. Select a black strappy bodycon top to complete the summer-end vibe. With this color combination, it will look as though you are ready for a mission. 

Look stronger and taller in your favorite pair of black strappy heels. Then, top off the look with a pair of shades and matching silver accessories, like a Rolex or a ring. Does this outfit say “girl on a mission” or what?

Suits With A Twist

Suits captured so many hearts this season. The twinning ensembles give a clean and professional look, perfect for both meetings and social events. This season’s suits, however, deserve an even bigger heart. Fashion mavens have given the world suits with—wait for it—matching shorts! Why would they not trend? Breaking away from the usual pantsuits, suits with high-waist shorts give the outfit a fun twist. A fitting blazer paired with shorts that siti on your waist perfectly creates a stylish and playful finish.

This particular blazer and shorts ensemble sticks to the animal print theme. Printed with zebra patterns, you can match this ensemble with an inner black bandeau, proving that suits are not just for the boys. Slay with this casual outfit by lacing up your moto boots—no other boot says comfort and style like these. Accessories can be a minimum, so stick to a functional wristwatch and a dangling necklace for finishing. 

Timeless Tartans

Making another resounding comeback are tartans. Tartans were highly popular in the ’80s, and the pattern’s classy feel has proven popular with the ladies today. Fashion icons have designed this season’s tartans with pops of color instead of sticking to a monochromatic tone. This black checkered mini bias skirt fits a girl’s body just right. Partnered with an ivory short sleeve button-down top, any woman can feel cozy in this cute little getup.

Pair this off with some sweet Mary Janes, and it will look as though you just stepped out of an old film! Complete this timeless look by fashioning it with classic round shades and a round pendant necklace, too. We’re getting Cher from Clueless vibes from this crowd favorite.

Silky Camis

Nothing says classy like a silky ensemble. People often associate silk cami blouses for nightwear, or innerwear to cover up with a robe or jacket. But for this summer season, we are bringing the silk trend out. There are several ways of matching your camis for any occasion or function. Here are some favorite looks to give you an idea of how to slay the world in a cami.

Perfect for switching from office attire to a party get up, this ensemble can easily carry a girl from one place to another. Tucking this black silk cami top into an ivory ribbed midi skirt, and putting on a professional blazer, creates an empowered girl boss feel. Take off the blazer, and, girl, you are ready to party! The loose cami gives you the feeling of breezy freedom, while the midi creates a sexy silhouette.

As if this outfit isn’t attention-grabbing enough, go ahead and add a glittering sling bag to this classy ensemble. Pair this with a simple gold chain necklace and matching earrings. Get going and rule the city in this outfit, complete with neutral-colored stilettos

On the other hand, if you are in the mood for a laid back look, this silk cami outfit is for you. Have a restful day by wearing an ivory silk cami top with a sheer floral skirt. There is no need to tuck your top in. This getup is relaxing and perfect for a quiet day outdoors in the park or on the beach. The fabrics of both pieces allow for an airy feeling. They are loose enough to feel comfy but not appear baggy.

You can match this look with comfortable nude-colored flat sandals. If you want to look a bit more dolled up, you can strap on low-heeled sandals. Complete the look by clasping elegant drop earrings for an overall sleek aesthetic.

The White Dress

Every girl has a little black dress tucked away in her closet for a special occasion. In our opinion, every girl should also have a little white dress. This piece can come in handy, especially when you are too tired to think about your outfit but still want to make an impact.

This all-white belted midi dress, like any other summer dress, practically takes seconds to throw on. It has a square neckline and slightly wide straps that frame the shoulder and the chest. The material of the dress allows the piece to hug and accentuate the body comfortably. A mid-thigh slit gives this look playful energy.

Minimal jewelry is necessary. Adding only leverback earrings creates a stunning effect. For hot summer days, put your hair into a low ponytail and pair this with oversized retro sunglasses. Rock this look with leather platform sandals, and it will look as though you’ve spent forever getting ready. Your secret is safe with us—this outfit makes fashion look effortless.