I have a confession to make. The truth is, I hate my crow’s feet. I don’t enjoy being told on a regular basis that I look tired or stressed. Too often recently, I was finding myself brewing my morning cup of coffee only to be greeted with a deflating comment. Maybe I’ve been too sensitive or hyper-aware of my aging, sun-damaged skin. Or maybe it was just about time that I step up my skin care routine and try something different. Let’s go with the latter option, shall we?

I was approached by a new company called Jelessi, a manufacturer of unique skin care devices said to improve skin’s youth and vitality. Given my recent run ins at the office, I was pleased to be offered the opportunity to finally address the fine lines I’ve noticed around my eyes. Enter the Jelessi Photonix-2 Eye Wand.

This cute little device is about the size of your favorite lipstick, making a convenient gadget to carry with you even on vacations. The device uses electromagnetic pulses to break apart the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid to encourage the production of collagen. It is also has two light modes – blue relief and the magnetic heat lifting mode.
Along with my crow’s feet, I sometimes wake up in the morning with puffy under eyes. The Blue Relief Mode is an absolute miracle worker for this ongoing problem! It helps to flush out toxins and excess fluid, which almost instantly gives my eyes a more refresh look. And wouldn’t you know it? I’ve been getting compliments at work too.

The Magnetic Heat Lifting Mode is my anti-aging powerhouse. I’ve been massaging the eye wand at the outer corner of my eyes every day for about a week along with using an eye serum and cream. My wrinkles already look less noticeable! I can’t wait to see even better results over a longer period.

If eye creams aren’t enough anymore, I highly recommend trying the eye wand from Jelessi out. My coworkers are green with envy. Isn’t that what we’re all striving for?