I met a friend for lunch one day and instead of catching up on our lives over salads and iced tea, we spent the entire lunch talking about how incredible her skin looked from these new products she was using. The products she was using were made with “elements from the sea,” as she described it. I’m a big fan of natural products and was happy to hear that the entire line is made from the earth and never tested on animals.

As soon as I got home from our lunch, I googled “Lavelier” and immediately ordered the products my friend had been using to get the most gorgeous skin: Rapid Eye Collagen Contour, Collagen Firming Complex and the Coralline Collagen Boosting Masque.

To start, ordering was simple. I’m fairly green when it comes to using the internet, so anything online that’s user-friendly is really helpful. The website is beautiful and very easy to navigate. All of my products arrived quickly, in gorgeous boxes and the products in beautiful jars and bottles – worthy of some very important vanity space in my bedroom.

The first product I used was the Coralline Collagen Boosting Masque and … wow. This product alone would’ve given me the sweetest dreams. The formula was soft, smelled good and had a great texture. One of the best parts of the mask was that the entire process – from application to rinsing – only took 15 minutes! I can easily incorporate this mask into my weekly skin care routine.

After the mask, I tried the Rapid Eye Collagen Contour cream. I feel like I’ve had wrinkles and fine lines around my eyes for as long as I can remember, so I was really excited to try to and minimize them with this solution. The results were almost instant … It was almost like magic! My skin just feels so clean after using the product and I’m excited to include the Rapid Eye Collagen Contour in my new routine.

I used the Collagen Firming Complex to finish off the routine and was pleasantly surprised how easily the product smoothed over and moisturized my skin. I used a small amount on my face and neck, and it quickly absorbed into my skin – I was simply glowing!

I’ve looked for skin products like these for so long and have spent so much time and money on products that have failed me and my skin. I’m excited to show off my glowing skin and thrilled that I found Lavelier!