Hair is one of a woman’s most important assets, this is one of the main reasons why we’re so constantly invaded and over saturated with marketing images from a wide variety of brands that try to tell us how a sleek hairstyle should look like. I believe hairstyles characterize each woman, whether the hair it’s long, short, flat, curly, wavy, etc. Propaganda gets to us either we want it or not, and one thing is for certain, we end up wanting to have that style that will define our overall look, and we will find out a way to achieve it.

Beyond Straight Flat Iron 1.25″ Ceramic Straightener

In my case, I wondered how could I achieve that Silky Shiny Hime Style that some japanese girls have on Korean soap operas? First, I knew I needed a straightener and I wanted the best flat iron I could get, I wanted the most cutting edge product out there. I’m constantly trying to stay updated throughout Beauty Blogs and YouTube Channels to ensure that I’m investing my money on high standard quality products and I did my little research to know what to look for beforehand. Suddenly out of nowhere, like some kind of magic trick, I found myself with the Beyond Straight Flat Iron 1.25″ Ceramic Straightener from Nubi Hair in my hands. Since the moment I laid eyes on Nubi’s Beyond Straight Flat Iron box I started asking myself if that was the one that would work for me, and that’s exactly what happened.

The box for the Beyond Straight Flat Iron 1.25″ Ceramic Straightener is black, as the iron itself. You can never go wrong with black, black is always classy and elegant. The box neatly displays a glossy image of the product with a platinum metallic gray stamp of Nubi’s Hair Logo and the product’s name.

Once I opened the box I liked what I saw, a cool and stylish black colored iron with fashionable grip placed on a neat black foamed frame. The Beyond Straight Flat Iron 1.25″ Ceramic Straightener had an adequate weight and the power cord had a long length which gave it a nice reach and provided maximum performance. It also brought a thermal glove for heat protection, the glove felt like an extra gift since the product wasn’t shown in the box image. The temperature button is adequately placed inside the artifact and it doesn’t affect when executing your hairstyle. The button displays a range that goes from 180 to 500 degrees.

The plaques ran effortlessly throughout my hair, living it super smooth. I’d risen the temperature little by little to see the different results I could get on my hair but I never had to reisen it to the maximum 500 degrees, the temperature that did it for me was around 250. I also tried curling my hair tips and they came out looking flawless.

In my opinion, the size of the Beyond Straight Flat Iron 1.25″ Ceramic Straightener is perfect to operate and handle. After using it for myself I wanted to see how it worked on someone else’s hair so I used my mother as model. My mother’s hair is pretty short but that wasn’t a problem, I passed the iron from as close as possible to her hair roots and up to the hair tips and it work out efficiently. I couldn’t make curly hair tips on her because her hair was to short, but the hair turned out looking smooth and without any frizz.

There are limitless trending hairstyles you can achieve with a good straightening iron like this one, which go from really flat and smooth looks to wavy and curly styles. The Beyond Straight Flat Iron 1.25″ Ceramic Straightener makes for one really essential tool in your hair care collection, I’ll recommended without thinking it twice.

List of styles that you could achieve with the Beyond Straight Flat Iron 1.25″ Ceramic Straightener

The Sleek Bob

Go super straight and shiny, Kim Kardashian style! Obviously we’re talking about her hairstyle here. The Sleek Bob looks super fresh, making your hair look healthy and polished!


Spray Nubi’s Boosting Hair Serum With Marula Oil, massage it in and blow dry your hair with the nozzle attachment facing down. Divide your hair into three sections with a regular brush from roots to ends. Continue with the Beyond Straight Flat Iron 1.25″ Ceramic Straightener.

After your hair has been flat ironed, press the hair with your hands and use the cool feature of your blow dryer to set it. Finally add some hairspray and brush your hair gently utilizing a toothbrush.

Vintage Waves

You could also go “Retro” with the Vintage Waves. Vintage waves can give you a soft and classic retro look.


Grab big locks of hair and use the Beyond Straight Flat Iron 1.25″ Ceramic Straightener facing up. Start sliding the iron from top to bottom as nearer from the roots as possible and while sliding down give your hair a 360 twist. Then, you could also spray Nubi’s Boosting Hair Serum With Marula Oil and brush your waves to make them mesh with one another.

Polished Ponytail

Ponytails could look pretty sexy, maybe because of the fact that our neck becomes more pronounced. Summer is almost here and hair could contribute to the exhaustion of a hot summer day, we might as well get some relieve while looking sassy.


Part your hair at the center of the head. Then, try grabbing groups of hair that are a similar length as the ceramic plates of the Beyond Straight Flat Iron 1.25″ Ceramic Straightener. Work through the sections from top to bottom. Add Nubi’s Boosting Hair Serum With Marula Oil and use a comb while sliding the Beyond Straight Flat Iron 1.25″ Ceramic Straightener. Brush your hair into a ponytail and lock it with a band. To finalize, try flicking at random areas of the ends of your hair in the pony tale turning the styler at 180 degrees throughout different directions.

Grungy Bends

Relaxed, cool and sexy. This style can also look a little rough, casual and sloppy, but that’s the idea right?


Grab big amounts of hair and pass the Beyond Straight Flat Iron 1.25″ Ceramic Straightener diagonally without getting into the ends while easily giving mid twists. Run your fingers thru your hair and massage the roots and tips for a sloppy finish.

Simply Sleek Brush Teal

Nubi’s Simply Sleek Brush comes on a distinctive metallic green box with textured patterned lines featuring it’s distinguished embossed logo on metallic gray. On the side of the box you will also find the product’s name on metallic gray and on the bottom part of the box you can find other extra information about the product. When opening the box the brush is placed on a smooth and stylish black frame, the brush is laid faced down which makes you realize that the core brush area of the tool it’s being protected. It has a smooth metallic texture with a plastic black section on it’s handle where the main button is placed, the bluish teal color of the brush is vibrant and groovy, if you want to add some fun colors to your hair tools kit this is definitely the right one for you.

The Simply Sleek Brush has very nice structured bristles on a ceramic surface. The centered bristles are wide and effectively retain the heat developed by the brush, although the bristles that are at the edge of the brush and that are separated from it’s centered area do not retain that much heat. The Simply Sleek Brush has been designed to give luminosity, eliminate frizz and provide optimum style to all types of hair. It features 5 heat settings that go from 160 to 200 celcius degrees and the heat adjustment button it’s useful and very practical since it’s very difficult to press it by error while utilizing the brush.

The weight of the Simply Sleek Brush is moderate and adequate, your arms don’t get tired even after styling for long periods of time. Before using the Simply Sleek Brush I untangled my hair with a regular brush and divided it into four sections. Then, I slided the Simply Sleek Brush throughout my hair and obtained a vivid and more manageable look as a result, but still possessed an evident amount of volume and proportion. The Simply Sleek Brush is an excellent option if you want your hair to be manageable but at the same time you still want to have some fun adding a little bit of volume and style. The results you could get with a brush like this are boundless!

Styles you can achieve using the Simply Sleek Brush

Ruffled Bob

Add some volume and go for an intriguing and flattering look with the Ruffled Bob.


Start with a clean and dry hair. Add Nubi’s Boosting Hair Serum With Marula Oil.

Squeeze your hair in your head’s top area near the roots and then brush in alternate directions with the Simply Sleek Brush.

Angled Bob

This is a great option if you want to add volume to fine hair while obtaining a modern and sleek look.


You will have to start brushing the sides of the head a little bit below the tip of your ears. Brush from the inside and out with the Simply Sleek Brush and continue with the sections above (this will provide an arch-like effect form thus obtaining the necessary volume illusion needed). After you have covered all the areas of the head you can finish by brushing horizontally from top to bottom until you get the results you’re looking for.

Wavy Bob

Give your hair some fun and make it defy gravity with the Wavy Bob.


You hair doesn’t have to be completely clean, it could have a day or two without being washed. Separate top hair from the one on the sides. Begin to brush the sides from top to bottom while also brushing away from the face. After working on the sides you can let the top layer down. You can comb all parts of the hair with your hands to obtain more volume. Comb the top part of your hair with the Simply Sleek Brush and work with small sections of the hair, this will also help you achieve more proportion. Keep utilizing your hands in assist of the Simply Sleek Brush and separate the waves. To finish, add Nubi’s Styling Spray and distributed with your hands and you’ll be ready to rock your waves.

Boosting Hair Serum With Marula Oil

The Marula Oil Boosting Serum comes on sleek black metallic bottle with printed metallic gray logo and product information, the 2 ounces bottle looks graceful and neat. The serum has a watery condensation and its completely clear.

You might be asking yourself why would you want to compliment your hairstyle routine with the Boosting Hair Serum With Marula Oil from Nubi? Well, if you want your hair to have a shinier, healthier appearance while at the same time protect it from the damages of the environment and/or the same heating tools and chemicals you might use, the Boosting Hair Serum With Marula Oil will assist in keeping it splendid and luminous.

The Boosting Hair Serum With Marula Oil will also infiltrate into the hair to moisturize it and ease out the frizz. You might already have shampoos and conditioners that help maintain your hair’s appearance but the Boosting Hair Serum With Marula Oil will reinforce and further assist in collaboration with those other treatments.

The Marula Oil absorbs deeply into your hair living it greatly polished without a greasy effect. It will also flattened, smooth and soften your hair, living it velvety and impeccable.

Marula Oil Benefits:

  • High percent of antioxidants
  • Hydrates and heals from scalp to ends
  • Rich on Vitamin E
  • High level of Vitamin C
  • Protects from heat and UV rays
  • Fast absorbing
  • Seals and smooths hair citicule