Here are my findings on Resveralife after doing some online sleuth work:

This healthy-lifestyle brand features resveratrol, a polyphenol naturally derived from red grapes, wine, cranberries, and even Japanese knotweed.

Numerous studies have shown that polyphenols like resveratrol — when combined with adequate sunscreen protection — have the ability defend against oxidative stress, improve cell survival, and protect against the harmful effects of UV radiation.

You can check out the research for yourself here.

I had the wonderful opportunity to try out Resveralife Tea Infuser recently, and here’s what I think.

Resveralife Tea Infuser

Ideal for easy to brew, drink and refrigerate your favorite loose-leaf tea.

holding Resveralife tea infuser

The removable infuser basket gives each leaf room to expand, unfurl and release its best flavors. The soft silicone around the bottle offers a non-slip grip that twists off for easy cleaning.

How to Use

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t offer any specific instructions for the tea bottle; neither does the product listing on Amazon.  I was able to determine through Amazon that this is designed for cold brewing only.

What did I think?

I used a peppermint tea that’s designed for cold brewing.

peppermint tea

I put about two tablespoons of loose leaf tea leaves into the metal infuser section and filled it with tap water.

two tablespoons of peppermint tea

I let it sit in the refrigerator for about an hour to full brew and develop, as well as to let it chill completely.

The tea I had with this infuser was crisp, delicious and refreshing. I left the tea leaves in as I drank it, and it eventually became very strong. I upturned the infuser (with the cap on!) and removed the metal tea basket to rinse it out. I also added more water to dilute the intensity, and put it back in the fridge. That may have more to do with the tea itself than the infuser, but if you prefer milder flavor in your tea, it is probably best to let it steep and then remove the leaves.

The biggest challenge for me was finding loose leaf cold tea in order to test the product. Almost all the teas that were readily available to me were hot brew only; who knew loose leaf cold brew was such a difficulty. Even the iced teas that I was able to find were designed to be brewed in hot water and then poured over ice. I did finally find some on Amazon to order; I went with my favorite flavor – peppermint.

Overall I think it’s a great item if you enjoy cold or iced tea, but I think I still prefer hot tea. I do wish this product could accommodate either iced tea or hot tea.

Resveralife tea infuser

I think it would be a great item if you enjoy iced tea, but do not always want to brew an entire pot or if you like to take your iced tea with you on the go.

Mad About Tea?

Tea is one of the oldest beverages known to man, from the ancient Chinese all the way up to the fanciest tea house in downtown London.  Not only does it have centuries of ritual and tradition involved, there are a number of health benefits that come with consuming tea on a regular basis.  

Personally, I find that many of the benefits of herbal teas are mental and/or emotional. The quieting ritual of letting the water boil and then slowly pouring it over the infuser or teabag. Wrapping your hands around the warm mug and letting the heat seep into your body. The fragrance as it wafts up from the steaming mug. Peppermint can be uplifting, chamomile is soothing, lavender is calming. Regardless of the flavor or type of tea you choose, these benefits are a wonderful way to wind down a hectic and busy day.

As long as you do not load the tea down with sugar or honey or cream, most of them are significantly healthier than sodas without all of the chemicals of diet sodas. Plus noticeably more flavor than plain water!

Benefits of Drinking Tea

  • There are anecdotal studies that show regular tea consumption can significantly improve overall heart and circulatory health.
  • The antioxidants that are found in most herbals teas can help slow down the aging process as well as repair and regenerate your cells.
  • Tea can help create a more alert but calmer state of mind.
  • Tea has been known to help reduce headaches, irritability, insomnia, and tension.
  • Regular tea drinkers have even been shown to protect your bones.
  • Certain antigens found in some teas have been known to be able to fight off infections.
  • Many types of tea aid in healthy digestion, or can calm an upset stomach.
  • Interestingly, one test study that compared the benefits of hot tea to iced tea, found that drinking hot tea lead to weight loss (lower BMI and smaller waist circumference), while drinking iced tea had the opposite effect (higher BMI and larger waist circumference).
  • Many fruit flavored bottled teas do contain significant amounts of added sugars which can greatly reduce all of these health benefits.  The health benefits lie in the ‘real’ tea not the artificial ones. So make sure that you are not drinking too many of these bottled versions, or you might as well just stick to the sodas.

Exciting Variety of Teas

different teas on teaspoons

Check out these exciting teas!

There are literally hundreds of single-note and blends to choose from so here are some of the benefits of the most popular types of tea:

  1. Chamomile: Outside of regular black tea, this is one of the most popular teas out there.  It is light, naturally sweet in flavor, and known for its calming and soothing properties.  Because it is nice and light, it is great for summertime even if you prefer hot tea.
  2. Peppermint: One of my personal favorites!  It is excellent for calming tummy troubles, and has even been known to help with muscle spasms.  I find the scent and taste soothing, but that may just be a personal association since it is a ‘comfort food’ for me.
  3. Ginger: Ginger is also great to tummy troubles especially nausea or vomiting.  If you feel a cold coming on, add lemon and honey for a wonderful healing combination.  On a side note, almost any form of ginger is soothing for digestive distress.
  4. Passion flower: For nervousness or fatigue, passion flower is the way to go.  It also has mildly sedative properties if you are having difficulty sleeping.
  5. Green tea: One of the most highly touted herbal teas, green tea has a list of benefits that rivals any medication from a pharmacy.  It can improve circulation, can lower your cholesterol, it can help prevent a number of heart-related issues such as high blood pressure, it can increase the working memory parts of the brain, and can even stabilize blood sugar.  If the taste is not to your liking, I have enjoyed a blend of green tea and peppermint.
  6. Oolong: Oolong tea has been shown to activate certain enzymes that help reduce certain fats in the blood.  There have even been studies to show that women who drink oolong tea on a regular basis burn slightly more fat than those who drink plain water alone.
  7. Black: One of the most caffeinated teas available, it also contains multiple antioxidants that have been connected to lowering cholesterol levels.  It can also reduce your likelihood of a stroke if you consume three or more cups per day.
  8. Black: Yes, it’s on here twice because after all, it is one of the most popular.  Black tea has been shown to improve oral health.  It can reduce plaque formation in addition to minimizing the bacteria that create cavities.
  9. Echinacea: Also available as a pill supplement, echinacea is commonly used to fight illness such as the common cold or other respiratory conditions.
  10. Lemongrass: This one is particularly good served after dinner to aid in digestion.
  11. Lavender: One of my favorite scents, many people do not realize that lavender is consumable.  The medicinal properties are amazing, shown to help with respiratory issues, coughs, bronchitis as well as fevers.
  12. Hibiscus: With a distinctive floral fragrance, hibiscus tea helps reduce high blood pressure, hypertension, and high cholesterol.
  13. Dandelion: While they can be a real pain in the neck when they show up in your yard, dandelion tea can have the opposite effect.  Dandelion tea can lower fluid retention as well as soothe the inflammation associated with arthritis.

So no matter what type of tea you choose to enjoy, make sure to enjoy the process as well as all of the health benefits that come with that soothing fragrance.