If you’re paying any attention to the world of cosmetics, you will have noticed that Asian beauty trend is all the rage these days, while Japanese skin care products and routines are at the forefront of this movement. And for a good reason, too – women from this part of the world are known to have glowing, youthful-looking complexions. So what are the Japanese secrets to having such amazing skin? Keep reading to find out.

Sheet Masks
These revolutionary skin care super-chargers can be found on every corner in Japan. Sheet masks are infused with nourishing serum whose active ingredients can instantly plump your skin and make it look radiant. It’s no wonder that they have become an integral part of everyday beauty regimen for many Japanese women.

Vitamin C
This rockstar ingredient has become increasingly popular in cosmetic industry because of its unbeatable power when it comes to evening out complexion and reducing hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C is heavily present in Japanese diet, and can also be found in numerous skin care products, especially serums and lotions.

Sun Protection
It is widely known that sun is one of the main culprits behind spots, wrinkles and other signs of premature aging. This is why women in Japan tend to avoid direct exposure whenever they can. And when this is not possible, they shield the skin using sunscreen with high SPF that Japanese brands are famous for. It’s also important to note that most women in Japan tend to use sunscreen every day, regardless of the season.