People say the hair is the crowning glory of every woman. The way you fix and style it can tell the people around you your personality and health. Following our smiles, our hair is the next thing our peers notice about us. It can give you an instant confidence boost and can significantly complement your outfit, personality, and overall appearance for the day. The cut, style, and color of your hair can speak a thousand words and can make your usual outfit look extraordinary.

Now if you are tired of your usual ponytail or pigtails, and want to transform it with a twist, then the perfect hairstyle you could try out is the braid. Whether it be the ever-popular Classic French Braid or the various stunning braided looks of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, we have gathered different styles that will make you go crazy!

The options for different hairstyles are endless; thus, it can be a bit intimidating to try on something new, especially if you are planning on a braided look. There might also be doubts if it will look good on you or not. But do not worry because we got you covered! We listed down 20 of the most sophisticated braids you can try to make you look stylish and confident in everything that you do.

Classic French Braid

First in the list is the Classic French Braid. Because of its sleek appearance, it is considered to be one of the most elegant and sophisticated types of braids. In addition to this, an advantage of this style is that any individual can braid her hair without asking for help from other people.

Big French Braid

Next in the list is the Big French Braid. You may have already seen this look before in the movie Frozen because this was precisely the hairstyle of Princess Elsa. However, unlike the classic French braid, this style incorporates bigger braids, resulting in more volume and a more textured look.

Dutch Braid

The Dutch Braid or the inside-out French braid is another simple type of braid that you can easily do at home. Because of this, it has gained sufficient attention and branded as one of the most popular hairstyles around the world. It adds volume to your look and can make you look chic in parties, concerts or at school any time.

Double Dutch Braid

If you think that having only one Dutch braid is boring, you can add another one in the Double Dutch Braid! You can wear this style anywhere – to school, concerts, and parties – while feeling confident and beautiful in the crowd.

Rope Braid

Are you tired of doing both the French and Dutch braids? Then why not try out the Rope Braid! It is a lot simpler than the two and has become one of the most favorite hairstyles around the world. Girls will appear sleek and chic and can make anyone in a sporty outfit look clean, robust yet feminine.

Fishtail Braid

Next on the list is a classic and customizable braid – the Fishtail Braid. It has several other alternatives such as double fishtail braid and the fishtail braid-wrapped bun and is perfect for weddings, social events, and so much more.

Fishtail Braid-Wrapped Bun

One variation of the previous fishtail braid is the Fishtail Braid-Wrapped Bun. Achieving this style is similar to the steps that are needed to attain the usual fishtail braided look. But for this style, the hair is turned into a bun, resulting in an elegant and sophisticated appearance that makes you look like a long-lost princess.

Box Braid

The ever-popular Box braid with over two million hashtags on Instagram proves that this style is as fashionable as the rest on the list. It makes you look sporty yet regal. Girls can wear this in any outfit and can also incorporate shiny colored hair accessories into the style.

Dual Texture Braid

If you want to instantly glam yourself up without making much of an effort, then try out the Dual Texture Braid! This style can surely make you feel more dressed up than usual. Girls can wear this on special occasions such as parties or weddings. They can even wear this on a typical school day.

Crown Braid

The Crown Braid only takes up to five minutes and can be done by anyone, even by a kindergarten. However, this style can make you look fancy in a wedding or a high-class dinner event. It is also a perfect hairstyle for brides, especially if they add miniature roses or flowers for an organic touch.

Loose End Braid

Another beloved braided look is the Loose End Braid. This style screams hotness and makes anyone wearing it look fierce. Flowing tight braids at the top that eventually become loose and wavy at the ends is a style worth trying out for your next outing.

Boho Braid

Next on the list is the Boho Braid. This braided look is perfect for the summer or when you want to look casual and cute. Match this style with a gorgeous long flowery dress and some sandals to get a relaxed bohemian vibe. You can also wear an oversized sweater over the dress and some boots for a casual look during fall.

Waterfall Braid

Although this hairstyle looks complicated, do not be deceived! The Waterfall Braid does not require you to braid at all. Instead, it only incorporates a lot of twisting. So for those who are having a complicated time braiding, this hairstyle is perfect for you as it involves less hair and thus less confusion on your part. Girls wearing this can expect to have a wavy yet elegant-looking hairstyle.

Spiral Braid

People can get crazy when it comes to designing newly braided looks. First, there are the classics: the French and the Dutch braids – the most typical looks that anyone could pull off. On the other hand, there are those eye-popping, intricate yet stunning types of braids that celebrities and high-fashion models have tried out.

You can wear one Spiral Braid on a special event such as a date, birthday party or even reunions. There is a lot of hair involved in this style; that is why it is perfect for long-haired girls. Although pulling off this hairstyle takes a long time, anyone wearing it can look extremely fashionable!

Skeleton Braid

Another intricate yet gorgeous hairstyle is the Skeleton Braid. It is a more recent way of creating a layered, complicated, yet stunning braid. It has taken social media by storm and has earned itself the title – a must-master look. The layers of stitches and weaves along with the hair, making it appear uber-cool and super-chic. Anyone wearing this braid can look gorgeous and feel unabashed in their photos.

Pull-Through Braid

If you are tired and bored of repeating the same braided hairstyles, then the Pull-Through Braid is for you! This highly-popular look is simply a faux braid made out of ponytails. Because of this, anyone can replicate this hairstyle with ease and look effortlessly fabulous.

This pull-through braid has relaxed and natural-looking waves that go out casually and beautifully. It gives you a bohemian vibe similar to the boho braid. Girls can wear this for their everyday looks or on special occasions with their friends or date. It complements any outfit and works on short-, medium-, or long-haired girls.

Bubble Braid

Do you ever feel grown up yet still want to look playful and fun? Then this Bubble Braid is the ultimate hairstyle for you! You can achieve this look effortlessly and wear it while traveling to get the most astonishing pictures around the world.

Milkmaid Braid

Remember Taylor Swift’s hairstyle during the 2013 Grammys? It was precisely the Milkmaid Braid! This style is similar to the crown braid that we previously talked about and can make any girl look gorgeous and feel sophisticated.

Infinity Braid

Add a twist to your typical low ponytail hairstyle with the Infinity Braid. This look would leave you feeling fresh and chic. Although it looks complicated to do, this hairstyle can get trouble-free once you get the hang of it. So why not skip that old hair tie of yours and try out this new braided look! You only need a small elastic to keep your hair on lock, which makes it more interesting to try out.

Upside Down Braid To Bun

Wearing a braid is relatively common with people. That is why switching it up with something as uncomplicated as the Upside Down Braid To Bun can get you on top of your game. This hairstyle is a quick and straightforward way to make a classic style look instantly superb.

Girls can wear this hairstyle at weddings, parties, or high-class events. It will give you a sweet and youthful look. Other variations of this braid include the braided updo with curls, messy flipped braid, and a lot more.

Keeping Your Hair Healthy For Your Next Braided Look

Braids are undoubtedly one of the most uncomplicated yet most gorgeous hairstyles that any woman can do. However, twisting your hair for a long time, and failing to take care of it can increase your chances of having hair damage or hair loss. Here are some tips that can help you maintain your braided look for a longer time without damaging it.

  • You need to wash your hair.

The build-up of sweat and other chemicals on your head can result in hair damage and hair loss. Thus, it is necessary to wash your hair gently at least every two weeks by rubbing a little shampoo using your fingers beneath your braids. Afterward, rinse it thoroughly and squeeze the excess water using a soft towel. You can also opt to use dry shampoo instead.

  • You need to keep your scalp moist.

Use a conditioner or apply water-based solutions with natural oils such as coconut or olive oil on the edges of your hair strands to prevent your hair from drying out and eventually breaking. You can do this first thing in the morning to reduce itchiness and flakiness on your scalp.

  • You should not leave your braids for too long.

Leaving your braids on for a long time can be tempting, especially since forming it can take a while depending on the style that you want. However, leaving it for a long time can result in permanent hair damage.

  • You need to know your hairline.

People with soft hair on their hairline should avoid braiding that part because the hair strands here are fragile and can easily break when pulled tightly into a braid. Instead, you can leave them out of the braid and apply hair gel to maintain a neat look.

  • You should refrain from overdoing your up-dos.

Always styling and braiding your hair into high ponytails or up-dos also increases your chances of permanent hair damage as they create too much pressure on your hairline. Because of this, the hair roots on this area will significantly weaken. Try to limit styling your hair to once or twice a week.

  • You should stay healthy!

Our hair can be a manifestation of our health. Protein and iron are both critical in keeping our scalps and hair follicles healthy. Without these, hair loss can occur. Make sure to exercise, have a balanced and healthy diet, and get enough sleep. Keeping yourself hydrated is also as necessary as the other tips.

Given all these trendy and stunning braided looks, you are surely excited to try them out! However, it is always obligatory that you take good care of your hair so that it could withstand all the pulling and twisting that are needed for you to achieve your ultimate hair goal.

Moreover, taking good care of your hair will allow you to make the most out of your hair. You can try different more hairstyles suitable for your personality and bring out the best in you! So which braided look did you like the best?