Looking for an easy way to get flawless skin?  LED skincare therapy may be the answer we have all been looking for to achieve a bright, toned complexion.  This skincare therapy is becoming a favorite in both clinical settings and at home, as an addition to your daily skincare routine.  It is safe for all skin colors and types, and it won’t cause any burning.

What Exactly Is LED Skincare Therapy?

Woman having LED therapy carried out on face

LED skincare therapy is an advanced technique to fight the aging process and common skin irritations, like acne and rosacea, through speeding up your skin’s ability to carry out its natural functions.  The colorful LED lights increase your body’s cell processes to renew and rejuvenate skin through boosting circulation and collagen production while calming irritated skin. The LED skincare therapies are widely used in clinical settings and have been for many years, and the at-home do-it-yourself versions are becoming increasingly popular.

LED stands for light-emitting diodes, which are ultraviolet-free lights that use varying wavelengths and are used in non-invasive facial treatments. These low-level lights emit heat, but not enough to burn your skin and are safe for regular use. NASA took the lead in the 1980s to develop LED light technology as a way for astronauts to heal cuts and bruises in space. Our bodies have a difficult time healing without gravity, sunlight, and oxygen, and this technology produced proven results with cell regeneration.  The LED technology has also been widely used in the medical field, eventually making its way into the beauty industry.

How Can LED Skincare Therapy Help Your Skin?

Woman under blue LED lights

With age, our bodies produce less collagen, hence the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  For women after menopause, the amount of collagen decreases even more. LED skincare therapy can keep us looking youthful with the breakthrough of increased collagen production.

You will begin to see healthier, fuller-looking skin within a few days of your first LED skincare therapy.  The painless, relaxing treatment will also leave your skin smoother and noticeably brighter. LED light therapy has also been proven to reduce the inflammation associated with acne, sun damage, rosacea, and other skin conditions, including scarring.

While the no-makeup look is one of the biggest trends, adding LED light therapy to your skincare routine will only help to enhance your natural beauty.  Beautiful skin is the basis of a beautiful you.

LED light therapy skincare works by producing color wavelengths of light, each color having a specific benefitThe light energy penetrates the skin, stimulating the repair of damaged cells and tissues while increasing the production of collagen and elastin.

Which Light Wavelengths Are Best for Your Skin?

Skincare mask with blue LED lights

Some devices on the market use only one light color, while others have two or more.  Each color of light has a different level of penetration, treating the skin in different ways.  The two essential colors you will see in most devices are red and blue. 

  • Red: The energy from the penetrating red light will help tighten the skin due to a boost in the creation of collagen and elastin, leaving you with less fine lines and wrinkles.  Blood circulation increases while inflammation and redness decrease, leaving you with a healthier glow. The red light also promotes healing, and you should see an improvement in any scarring, blemishes, or sun-damaged skin. The red light may also ramp up your natural production of Vitamin D.
  • Blue: While the blue light has the least amount of penetration into the skin, it works exceptionally well at eliminating the bacteria found below the surface of the skin that causes acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.  Oil production slows down, which helps prevent breakouts. 

Depending on where you go for your LED facial or if you purchase a product to use at home, some products will have more colors that can be used to treat different skin issues.  

Infra-red light is also a potent source of energy that penetrates deep into the skin.  This light is similar to the effects of the red light as you see an improvement in the diminishing look of fine lines and wrinkles while reducing inflammation and scarring.  

Some LED face masks, such as the Elastique Energy Masque from Jelessi, made for in-home use include other colors that target specific skin needs.  The Elastique Energy Masque includes blue, red, and amber LED lights. The addition of amber light is to help form new collagen and elastin to help build firmer, more radiant skin.  Amber is particularly ideal for those with sensitive skin due to being calming and soothing.

Some additional colors you may see in other LED face masks include:

  • Cyan is said to soothe and calm irritated skin by reducing swollen capillaries.
  • Green acts as a skin balancer and promotes lymphatic drainage.
  • Purple is a combination of red and blue light that increases cell regeneration, combats acne producing bacteria, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Yellow reduces redness and balances skin texture.
  • Orange is a revitalizer, leaving your skin with a radiant glow.

To get the most effective treatment, but at a higher price, procure your LED facial through a clinic or spa with a professional esthetician. The medically approved LED lights are more powerful than the at-home versions, penetrating the skin deeper due to stronger wavelengths.  The LED facial is calming and relaxing, with no skin irritation or burning. You will feel a warm glow during the treatment and should begin to see results within three days of your first LED facial.  

When beginning LED facials with a professional, six treatments are recommended, scheduled one to two weeks apart.  To see the best results, get monthly or bi-monthly maintenance sessions along with your daily skincare regiment.  

At-Home LED Skincare Devices

Skincare mask with red LED lights charging

For at-home use, there are several types of LED tools on the market: wands, masks, and panels.  While in-home LED facial products emit less power and, therefore, less penetration than those of the professionals, you can get lasting results with proper and regular use.  One tip, make sure your face is clean with no make-up residue. Your make-up will not let the light penetrate into your skin.

LED lights are measured in nanometers.  Red LED lights are usually between 610 to 850nm while blue LED lights measure between 415-633nm.  You want to consider purchasing the highest power possible to get the best results with the least amount of use.  The smaller the nanometers, the more you may have to use your new device. If you are purchasing an at-home LED skincare tool, please always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Protect your eyes with appropriate eyewear when using your in-home mask or panel.  Some levels of light are so low that you may not need protective wear, but if you want to be on the safe side, consider purchasing some opaque goggles and keeping your eyes closed during your treatments.  

Your at-home LED device may also be used on other areas of your body.  It is safe to use on your neck and chest, or wherever you may have other skin issues.  

While this may all seem a little too good to be true, there are medical studies to back up the claim that LED therapy can improve the look of our skin. What’s more, this is an excellent alternative to more invasive skin treatments such as botox, which may cause pain and discomfort.  Some facial therapies, such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and laser therapy, can burn the skin. LED light therapy does not burn the skin, and you can return to your activities with no healing time.  Proven results with no side effects or pain is a no-brainer when it comes to deciding future skincare treatments. 

Is LED Light Therapy Really Suitable for Everyone?

Woman looking in mirror touching her face

Please be aware that while this therapy is an excellent choice for most people, some should consult with a professional before starting an LED light treatment.  

  • Do not use LED light therapy if you are currently using Accutane, as this may cause scarring.
  • Check with your doctor if you are currently on any medications, especially those that cause any sensitivity to your skin.
  • If you currently have any rashes, inflammation, or irritated skin, please speak with a doctor before using LED light therapy.
  • Please see a dermatologist if you have any open wounds or possible infections before using LED light therapy.
  • If you experience redness or inflammation after you have used the LED light treatment, please see your doctor.

LED light therapy is an amazing advancement in beauty technology.  While we women love our secrets, don’t forget to share this information with your special guy.  Men’s skincare is a booming business that keeps on growing, so you know he will love this! Almost as much as you!

This article is for informational purposes only.  Please see a trained professional if you have any questions or concerns in deciding if LED light therapy is right for you.