Review by Clara Doyle

Cannabis skincare products have intrigued me for a while, and that’s when I stumbled across the Vou Pre Cannabis Collection by Dr. Luchetti MD

Cannabis Sativa seed oil is found in three of the four products. This cannabis oil is found naturally in marijuana and hemp by extracting the oil from the plant. 

What’s so great about cannabis in skincare products?

Cannabidiol is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Adding CBD oil into skincare products can help reduce acne by preventing sebaceous gland cells from secreting excessive sebum. 

Since cannabis sativa seed oil and cannabidiol are found in plants, they have antioxidant properties that help lessen visible signs of aging, wrinkles, skin damage, and skin dullness. 

As a young woman, a natural way to reduce acne and signs of aging appealed to me since I keep investing in products with these attributes. I was recently given the opportunity to test out Vou Pre’s Cannabis Collection by Dr. Luchetti MD. After doing some research, my skin was ready to take on the collection.

The Vou Pre Cannabis Collection At a Glance

Vou Pre Cannabis Collection box

The Vou Pre Cannabis Collection consists of four products:

  • Microneedle Roller – the microneedle roller is 0.2mm that you roll across targeted areas on the skin. It comes with a case to protect the microneedles. This also helped when I traveled to my parents’ house, so it didn’t get damaged. 
  • Cannabis Caviar Transforming Mask – the transforming mask comes with a flat-faced application spoon to help evenly coat the product on your face. The mask changes colors from white to gold. I love fun and innovating masks. It was like a magic show on my face.
  • Cannabis Facial Serum – this facial serum comes with a dropper to help distribute the product. I was curious about this one because I’m used to liquid serums and this was a lotion serum. 
  • Cannabis Silk Cream – I always look for creams that are soothing and have a great smell. This cream fits all my requirements because it soothed my red skin and the scent was amazing. 

It’s your choice if you want to use the collection in this order or even add in other products. These products do have ingredients that support each other for better results. 

Always Start With a Clean Face

All of us live such busy lives that sometimes we skip one of the most important steps in taking care of our skin. The number one rule before adding skincare or makeup products to your skin is to have a clean face. 

Throughout the day, your face collects a lot of dirt, bacteria, oil, grime, and impurities. Even though you can’t physically see it, it’s there hiding in your pores. The best way to clear away all these impurities is by washing your face. 

Before scrubbing your face clean, determine your skin type. Once you know your skin type, you can then find a cleanser that works best for your skin. 

Now with my face squeaky clean, it was time to dig into the Cannabis Collection by first using the microneedle roller. 

The Microneedle Roller

Vou Pre microneedling roller

The microneedle roller comes beautifully presented in a clear plastic case. The microneedle roller has 0.2mm needles.

Microneedling is a non-invasive skin procedure that involves controlled superficial puncturing of the skin with miniature needles. It has a number of benefits, including:

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimizing hyperpigmentation
  • Lessening visible pores
  • Healing scars
  • Tightening loose skin
  • Increasing product absorption. 

How to Use:

When using the microneedle roller, glide it across targeted areas while taking care of not applying too much pressure.

For four to ten minutes, roll across each targeted area at 60-second intervals. For stubborn areas with more wrinkles and enlarged pores, pay extra attention and time for better results.  

The Verdict:

This was my first time using a microneedle in a skincare routine. At first, I was intimidated because when I heard needles, I thought the roller would be pricking my skin. But, after using, all my worries went away. 

The roller itself was super simple to use. It glided smoothly across my face. The microneedles didn’t hurt as long as you didn’t put a lot of pressure while rolling. 

I focused mainly on my problem areas. My pores did feel more open, and I did notice that the products were absorbed faster. 

Also, the case made it easier to travel with. The microneedles didn’t puncture anything or get dirty during my trip. The case was also a safe place to put the roller after use. 

The Cannabis Caviar Transforming Mask

Vou Pre Cannabis Caviar Transforming Mask

Right away, I was intrigued by what a transforming mask was. I had no idea how it would transform on my face. For all I knew, it would do something magical. 

The product came with an applicator, so you had an easier time apply the mask evenly on your face, but also to avoid getting your hands messy. 

Some of the key ingredients and their benefits from the mask include:

  • Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil – has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants to help reduce acne and calm the skin. 
  • Cucumber Fruit Extract – is a superfood for the skin. It is full of proteins, lipids, Vitamin C, and a variety of minerals that moisturize the skin and can soothe puffiness. 
  • Organic Honey – has many great qualities for the skin including antibacterial properties, collagen, boosts antioxidants, hydrates, opens pores, and works as a gentle exfoliator. 
  • Seaweed Extract – is packed full of minerals and vitamins that your skin needs. It soothes, softens, and reduces sensitivity. It can also boost hydration and tighten skin. 

With all these ingredients together, the mask is a great blend of hydration and anti-inflammatory. 

How to Use:

When applying the mask, take the applicator and evenly distribute the mask on your face and neck. Massage the product into your skin until the mask transforms from white to gold. 

I left the product on my face for 10-15 minutes or until the product had dried completely. Once dry, rinse the mask off with warm water. 

Use the transforming mask once a week. 

The Verdict:

The Cannabis Caviar Transforming Mask was amazing. I was super intrigued by how it would transform on my skin. 

It was pretty extraordinary watching the color change while massaging the product onto my face. I instantly thought it would be a great product to use during a girls’ night in. 

The mask instantly started to firm onto my skin. If you accidentally applied a little more product on certain areas of the skin, I would wait for an additional five minutes or until it is dry. 

It took me a few minutes to wash all the mask off my face. But once it was all gone, my skin had already started to feel soothed and refreshed. 

The Cannabis Facial Serum

Vou Pre Cannabis Facial Serum

The Cannabis Facial Serum includes a liquid dropper to help distribute the product easily onto the skin. 

Some of the key ingredients and their benefits in this product include:

  • Cannabis Sativa seed Oil – contains anti-inflammatory properties to help fight off acne, and antioxidants to keep skin fresh and rejuvenated.
  • Soybean Oil – has a nourishing and softening effect on the skin by replenishing skin lipids, restoring suppleness and flexibility, diminishing wrinkles, reversing sun damage, and tightening sagging skin. 
  • Coconut Oil – is filled with healthy fatty acids which help improve skin elasticity, collagen production, and hydration. 

With these products combined, the facial serum does wonder for your skin. 

How to Use:

Just like any other serum, use the cannabis facial serum daily. If my skin had very dry patches, I used the product once in the morning and once in the evening. 

Take the dropper and apply two or three drops on your skin. Massage the product into your face and neck until completely absorbed. 

I used about two drops on each cheek and my neck. 

The Verdict:

I enjoyed the serum. I liked how it was thicker than normal serums, which gave my skin more moisture. 

I had a little trouble with the dropper. Since the product was thick, it didn’t come off in drops. Plus, there was an excess amount of the product on the outside of the dropper. Most of the time, I just applied the product that was on the outside of the dropper. 

The facial serum did absorb easily into my skin and felt cooling. 

The Cannabis Silk Cream

Vou Pre Cannabis Silk Cream

A daily moisturizer is key when it comes to a skincare routine. This Cannabis Silk Cream is the perfect product to use as a daily moisturizer. 

The key ingredients and their benefits include:

  • Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil – just like mentioned before, Cannabis Sativa seed oil contains anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants to help prevent acne and rejuvenate the skin. 
  • Vitamin E – is great for the skin because it is a fat-soluble, essential nutrient with anti-inflammatory properties. It helps support the immune system and cell function. Vitamin E in skincare helps reduce UV and sun exposure on the skin. 
  • Vitamin A – aka retinoids. Retinoids stimulate new skin cells. If there are no new skin cells, your skin will get overly dry. It can also be used to help treat acne. 
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract – contains potent antioxidants, skin-soothing properties, and anti-aging properties. 
  • Collagen Amino Acids – are a collection of amino acids that are great for the skin. These amino acids reduce the depth of fine lines and wrinkles, improves hydration, and softens the skin.

Combining these ingredients results in a blend that rejuvenates and refreshes your skin. 

How to Use:

Use the Cannabis Silk Cream daily. I liked to apply the cream once in the morning and once before bed. I replaced it with my daily moisturizer. 

To apply the product, spread the cream on the face and neck and gently massage until fully absorbed. 

The Verdict:

The Cannabis Silk Cream was my favorite product out of the collection. Like I said before, I replaced it with my daily moisturizer. It was super hydrating, soothing, and cooling. My face instantly absorbed the product. 

Scent played a huge factor in my love for this product. Usually, I’m not a fan of scented products, but this product had a great, fresh scent. I instantly felt relaxed with the scent. And, the scent was still there after a few hours. 

The Packaging

Vou Pre Cannabis Collection products outdoors

When buying a new skincare product, many people underestimate what packaging can do for a product and brand. Every type of product has a specific type of container that it needs to be held in. 

With all of the products in the Vou Pre Cannabis Collection, they are best stored in jars because they are thick creams. Jars help the creams not be exposed to light or air, so they don’t get moldy. 

Dr. Luchetti MD did a great job in picking her packaging because all of her products are stored in durable, thick glass jars. The quality of the product shined because it had a great weight and design.

Even though they are in jars, I’m still storing the products in a cool, dark space to elongate its shelf-life. 

The design on the bottles is simplistic with the container being white with green font. By keeping the design of the container simple, it lets the product do all the talking. Instead, you aren’t persuaded the buy the product just because it comes in a cute package. 

The box that the entire collection came in was beautifully presented with specific slots to hold each product. 

All in all, I was impressed with all the products from the Vou Pre Cannabis Collection by Dr. Luchetti MD. All the products had an instant effect on my skin, and I’m excited to see what the long-term effects will be. I would highly recommend these products to people with aging concerns, acne problems, and hydration issues because of Cannabis Sativa seed oil’s anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants.