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The New York Fashion week is one of the four largest fashion shows in the world. This prestigious show takes place semi-annually. The first series of events, the Fall/Winter Collection, happens during February. The second half also referred to as the Spring/Summer Collection occurs in September. This grand show features the newest trends in fashion. Being prestigious as they always are, the four fashion shows only features some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.

This year, the New York Fashion Week Fall 2019 collection started on February 8 and ended on the 16th. The series of events featured unique and innovative designs in the modern world of fashion. 

Here are some of the street styles we absolutely love during the New York Fashion Week 2019.

Folk-Art Inspired


The Designer

A Czech-based designer, Jiri Kalfar, infuses an innate sense of style into garments with folk-art themed prints and cuts. The reason for incorporating such designs into his work is his background in ballet. Therefore, Kalfar puts emphasis on the flow and balance of the patterns, form, and texture for each design.

Known for being an animal rights activist, he makes sure that all his products are ethical and sustainable. Furthermore, the use of faux pas fur is now a trend in the fashion industry. It shows heightened awareness against animal cruelty among the community of designers and fashion enthusiasts. 

The Design

In his Fall 2019 collection, Jiri focused on promoting sustainability, zero waste and ethical products. His collection featured an intricate use of embroidery in the design of the tops. The texture of the clothes appears comfortable and easy to wear in the streets of New York. The inspiration for his wardrobe collection came from Tatyana, the heroine of Eugène Onegin. Alexander Pushkin wrote the novel and talks about a female’s prerogative towards love.


Eugène Onegin, classic Russian literature, revolves on the exploration of life, death, love, and passion. Onegin, the main character of the novel, is an aristocrat with outstanding charm and wit. He meets and befriends the young poet, Vladimir Lensky, in the countryside he inherited from his deceased uncle. 

Through Lensky, Onegin meets Tatyana who falls in love with him. Unfortunately, Onegin rejects Tatyana’s love causing her to plunge into despair. When Onegin left, Tatyana got married. Though upon Onegin’s returns, she discovers that she is still in love with him. Despite the forbidden love, she still remained true to her feelings for her husband.

Harmonic Elegance


The Designer

Kim Shui graduated with high distinction from the Central St. Martins under fashion design. She has a strong multicultural background from growing up in Italy and living in the US, UK, and France. She strives for “togetherness” in her designs. Her designs create harmony from putting together different and clashing elements side by side. 

The Design

Kim Shui’s designs had a vibrant and bright color to fill the runaways. Her unique looks combine hints of Chinese culture in modern Westerns designs. The splash of colors one each wardrobe of her collection can captivate every audience’s attention. Aside from the colors, each pattern printed in her collection is worth the notice. The details she gave each design were magnificent. Her designs provide a significant impact on those wanting to draw attention in the streets. 

Classy, Sleek, and Empowering


The Designer

Ellie Tahari is a self-taught fashion designer who emigrated from Israel to the US in 1993. The energy of New York’s famous Studio 54 club scene inspired his initial designs. A decade after, his attention turned to the powerful women entering the workforce. The switch of focus led him to discover his passion for dressing women in a tailored suit.

The Design

Ellie Tahari is known to have his fashion collections shown in a private space. It makes his appearance on the runaway much more special. Especially since this marks his 45 years in the industry. 

His designs featured classy and elegant dresses, blouses and suits. The compositions of his collection highlighted a play on light and dark colors. Each model turned eyes on the runaway with their clean and sleek wardrobe. The selection presented an empowering voice for women in the workforce. If you’re looking to mix clothes for the office and streets, his outfits may suit your taste. 

Urban Abstract


The Designer

Claudia Li obtained her MFA in fashion at Parsons School of Design, after studying at Central St. Martins. She also worked at the Haus of Gaga under Brandon Maxwell. Her designs focus on creativity and true craftsmanship. It comes from her fine arts background where she combines artistic design aesthetic and emphasis on details. 

The Design

The cast of her collection featured Asian models only, similar to her previous Spring show. Her featured designs revolved around several prints. When seen from a distance, the styles from her collection appear like abstract motifs. All the pieces from her collection are simple yet elegant. Claudia was able to bring out the best in modern urban fashion design.

Bold, Sharp and Powerful


The Designer

This Bahrain based women’s wear label was founded by Shaika Noor Al Khalifa and ShaikhaHaya Al Khalifa in 2008. NOON BY NOOR features a modern and effortless focus on striking prints and intricate embellishments. The inspiration for their designs comes from both Eastern and Western influences. They emphasize on sharp tailoring, clean silhouettes, and details.

The Design

The designs they featured on the runaway were simple. However, don’t let such simplicity fool you. Despite the minimalistic look, the pieces were very luxurious and sophisticated. Noon by Noor gave strong emphasis on classic looks. Their designs suit any formal event. If you are looking for something simple yet striking and elegant, this is the one for you.

Modern Classic


The Designer

Prisca Vera Franchetti established PRISAVera in 2015. Their design focuses on the collocation of youth culture and traditional craftsmanship. They aim to deliver high-quality products that reflect a cool and sophisticated attitude.

The Design

Leaning back towards one of her favorites as a teen, Dante’s “La Divina Commedia,” is the inspiration for her works on the runway. Her designs revolved on a twist on classic fashion. Like how she paired a striped long sleeved top with a bright checkered skirt. One of her most eye-catching design was the street style with a clear cloth. An excellent example of this design is shown below featuring a close to clear jacket and pants. 

Folklore and Mystics of the Forest


The Designer

Hogan McLaughlin is an American fashion designer who is a very talented illustrator and ballet dancer. He performed with internationally acclaimed choreographers like Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. 

Hogan McLaughlin collaborated with artist Daphne Guinness, for his first designs and has launched several collections since. The designs he created marries his darkly romantic roots, with a modern, minimalistic sensibility. 

The Design

Hogan’s designs appear to be a combination of casual and work wear, with the semi-formal tops paired with casual trousers or jumpers. His collection pays tribute to the Icelandic folklore, “Huldufolk” which tells about a tale of the elves who lived in that territory. He quietly presented his collection by relating it to Mother Nature. It was a view likened to the Scandinavian forests and landscapes.

Bold Floral Prints


The Designer

Jonathan Cohen grew up with parents from Mexico and San Diego. Growing up in Mexico, he often immersed himself with individuals who loved colors and textiles. After his schooling in Parsons School of Design, he moved back to New York. 

The modernity of Manhattan and the on-the-go fluidity of the city inspired his designs. Now, his namesake is an admired luxury ready to wear label. He designed his works for women who are elegant, subversive, and artistic. 

The Design

Jonathan Cohen’s collection is a flowery view. Most of his designs incorporated a rich combination of gorgeous color, textiles, and intricate details. Who imagined that placing flower patterns in a suit would work so well? The runaway appeared to be a colorful garden moving around with each design crafted to look sophisticated and elegant.

Contemporary Retro


The Designer

Nicole Miller finished her degree in Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design. She also obtained a degree in Paris from l’Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne. Her couture techniques combined with a strong background in Fine Arts made her a prominent figure in the fashion industry. Nicole is known for her signature graphic prints and innovative silhouettes.

The Design

Nicole Miller’s collection had more than just appeal. Her designs had a strong personality in them. Clubs and the Eighties scene inspired the designs. Most of her designs centered on the use of bold prints in blazers. Some of her notable designs include the Cheetah printed blazer and the blazer dress.

Stylish, Casual and Comfortable


The Designer

Sylvie Millstein launched HELLESY in 2012 at New York City. The brand’s name is inspired by the first syllables of her and her son’s names (Hendrix, Lennox, Sylvie). Her designs are focused on creating a modern glamour approach with ease and comfort. 

The Design

HELLESY presented a more casual approach for the runway. They featured a mix of bright colors and unique patterns that go well with any outfit. The image below is an example of this combination. Not only is this design appealing to the eye, but it is also comfortable and easy to wear. These outfits are perfect for the streets of New York on a busy day.

Bold and Eccentric


The Designer

Jeremy Scott is an iconic designer embraced by pop stars including Rihanna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Björk, Gwen Stefani, M.I.A, ASAP Rocky, CL, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj. His designs appear on many of these music artists videos, referring him as the fashion’s last rebel. A book by Jeremy Scott Rizzoli published his career. A documentary of his life was also released.

The Design

Jeremy’s design appeals to most teenagers of today. His compositions combine colors with texts. This combination suits those that want to leave a statement wherever they go. The choices of words in the models are also worth noticing. While most of the designs feature the word “New York,” each of it has a word that defines its personality. These chosen words are laid out in a manner you can find in a newspaper.

Neutral Chic


The Designer

Sally LaPointe graduated with a BFA in Apparel Design from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 2006. She founded this collection in 2010 with fellow RISD graduate and company CEA Sarah Adelson. LaPointe’s attraction to painting and sculptures developed her ability to communicate emotions through color and texture. Her works incorporated personal experiences and elicited visceral responses. 

The Design

Sally LaPointe’s designs featured a military or secret agent type of look. She focused her designs on solid colors. These colors included red, brown, purple, mint green, cream, grey, and black. Her collection stresses a combination of fluffy cotton and latex textured clothing. Such a mixture of texture in the design promotes a sense of comfort and complexity. This wardrobe is perfect for keeping you warm during winter.

Fashion Week in a Nutshell

There it is! These are our top looks from the 2019 New York Fashion. The runway was filled with a lot of outfit ideas to look out for this season. Whether you are going for sexy and fierce or sleek and elegant, these prominent New York designers gave us a lot of different style inspirations to choose from. 

Also, during the five-day event, the streets of New York crawled with A-lister celebrities and fashion authorities from around the globe. So, from street styles to runway couture, the next big thing in fashion is literally just around the corner.

Are You Fashion Ready This Season?

Each designer gave their twists and innovations for today’s fashion. You’ll never run out of ideas with a different combination of colors, textures, patterns. None of the designs was alike. It is because each design showcased the designer’s strong character.

Some of these pieces are likely to become fashion trends later on. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and try looking for the designs that best suit your preferences. It is never too late to upgrade your wardrobe. Remember, fashion always evolves! Don’t be afraid to wear something different.