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Popular high-end couture brands once again took to the runway new fashion trends to look out for in 2019. Versace, Prada, and Fendi, among other renowned fashion authorities, debuted their autumn/winter collection in the 2019 Milan Fashion Week.

What You Must Know About Fashion Week

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana organized the fashion week in Milan. New talents from China, Budapest, and Hungary are supported by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana to debut their collections to the public and start their careers in the industry.

Furthermore, not only is the audience star-studded, but also very famous supermodels such as Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Kaia Gerber graced the runway. These fashion icons strutted the runway in sleek, beautiful new pieces that are expected to be big hits for this season. So, here are the most stunning looks in the 2019 Milan Fashion Week:

Striking, Bold, and Elegant

These first looks are from the renowned House of Versace. Even if you are not a fashion junkie, you probably heard the name, Gianni Versace.  The internationally acclaimed brand is a luxury company founded by an Italian designer, Gianni Versace.


The fashion brand had its fair share of controversy through the years because of Gianni Versace’s mysterious assassination. The company then became more popular and in demand with the public. Netflix even released a show in American Crime Story featuring the case of Gianni’s death.

The Versace Mystery

The combination of public acclaim and evident flair in the collections is continually making the company a powerhouse in both fashion and popular culture. Many believe that these events have a self-fulfilling prophecy that has to do with the brand’s distinct logo.

The Medusa is symbolic to the Versace family. The Reggio Calabria ruins, where a Medusa head decorates the floor, inspired it. According to Gianni, one of the reasons why he chose the Medusa head is that he wanted people “to fall in love with his brand to the point that there is no way of turning back.”

With the events that transpired and Versace making its way further to the top, it is evident that the Medusa logo is beyond symbolic and has a tangible effect as other people believe. However, these superstitions and controversy only played a small role in the brand’s success.

The collections produced every season is undeniably high-fashion material. Furthermore, many celebrities and famous personalities have patronized the brand. From the red carpet to award shows, there is always a couture outfit from the House of Versace. This season, the autumn/winter line featured edgy and bold pieces featuring the company’s signature leather accessories that give a sexy but elegant vibe.

Here are our favorite looks:


Plaid is a trend in the 2019 Milan Fashion Week. This look gives an impression of preppy femininity. The outfit is a combination of tweed, lace, and bondage accessories. Also, the little bow detail attached to the belt is striking.


Supermodel Gigi Hadid wowed everyone with this sexy evening dress with sparkling gold chain accessories. The off-shoulder detail and the high slit added to the edginess of the look. The outfit shows a lot of skin but retains an elegant quality. 

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This dazzling orange evening gown is perfect for a Vanity Fair party. The choker necklace and the bracelets as jewelry made for perfect accessories for the dress. The gown hugs the body perfectly, and it is beautiful to look at in motion because of its flowy form.

Edgy Blacks and Peppy Colorful

These selections are from Emporio Armani, a brand under Giorgio Armani. Designer Giorgio Armani is one of the most notable fashion figures of all time. The company is primarily known for its line of menswear, but in the following years, the brand ventured to make collections for women and children.

The Underling Brand

Giorgio Armani also created other clothing brands under the company. Some of these are Armani Collezioni, Aj Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, A/X Armani Exchange, and Emporio Armani. These fashion brands target a specific audience.

Emporio Armani, for example, targets younger buyers with the collection’s signature style and price. Emporio Armani is considered to be the more affordable Armani because the brand uses cheaper materials.  However, Armani ensures that it retains the same sophistication and quality of the original and high-end counterpart, Giorgio Armani. During the Milan Fashion, Emporio Armani released a versatile collection that defied expectations. Here are our top looks:


This oversized poncho is perfect for a cold and breezy afternoon. It also has an autumn quality with its beige undertones and the floral stitchings. But the sunglasses are the main star of the outfit. It gave this the outfit teenage angst and a modern twist.


The fashion show released pieces that played with colors as seen in this look. The outfit was enhanced with red and ivory paired with the brand’s signature beret with the logo. Moreover, the little bow choker necklaces completed the look together with wool capes.


The next look in the collection is different from the others. In contrast to the bright colored and soft textured pieces, the outfits here are fierce, sexy, and dangerous. Their main attraction would be the bling. Silver jewelry paired with leather and black overalls gives a heightened sense of sophistication.

Outburst of Colors

These stunning designs are from another renowned designer brand, Emilio Pucci. What’s fascinating about this designer is that he is a former military officer and politician who lived a pretty exciting life.

Where It All Began

Emilio joined the war in 1938 where he was part of the Italian Air Force. He was achieving great heights in his military career by rising to the rank as captain. But he left the force to pursue fashion. Life after leaving the military is not the end of Emilio’s dilemma. He experienced torture under the Gestapo but managed to escape to Switzerland and hid there until the war ended.

The first clothes he designed are for a college swimming team which attracted a notable group of people. It started his success in fashion.  In 1992, after Emilio’s death, his daughter, Laudomia Pucci, took over the company.  The Pucci label further achieved greater heights as the luxury brand gained a net worth of millions of dollars.

Furthermore, the brand never fails to impress as it releases its collections. In the Milan Fashion Week, Emilio Pucci debuted a line filled with color interplay and bold patterns. Here are our top picks:


A girl can never go wrong with undertones of pink and red. In these outfits, vibrant colors of red, pink, and ivory enhanced the geometric patterns in the fabric. Moreover, the mix and match of the pieces made for a high-fashion casual attire.


Pleated skirts and flowy dresses are the new trends for the season. In these outfits, the main attractions are the blue and white themes and the flowy form. If the previous looks are like a pink flower field, these look like the ocean waves. It is also noteworthy that the pieces jive perfectly and consistently with each other.


In the next group of outfits, the main pieces are the pleated skirts and silk scarfs. Also, they have hints of fashion trends in the ’70s and the ’80s. Furthermore, the combination of bright colors and bold fabric patterns is indeed eye-catching.

Prim, Proper, and Dainty

Vivetta is a new luxury fashion label established in 2009. The designer Vivetta Ponti takes inspiration from a number of inanimate objects like antiques, dolls, and Victorian furniture. Vivetta aims to collaborate renaissance fashion to modern femininity. With the use of silhouettes and dainty patterns, Vivetta creates a nostalgic feel with every fashion show.

Roberto Cavalli, a famous Italian fashion designer and inventor, is Vivetta’s mentor. With this kind of connection, Vivetta’s career in the fashion industry took flight. Vivetta might be a relatively new clothing brand, but her designs have been sought after by many famous personalities and influencers. These are her best designs for the 2019 collection:


This outfit embodies 1960’s elegance. A knitted jumper with a bow scarf partnered with a lace pleated skirt is the perfect look for an afternoon tea. Vivetta is also fearless in mixing and mismatching with the fuchsia handbag with floral details. The accessory, however, goes very well with the overall look.


Another trend in Milan Fashion Week is the low-brimmed hat. The look shown on the left is a combination of ’80s  fashion and contemporary fashion trends. The look on the right is feminine and elegant with the floral patterns on the bolero trench coat.


The next set of looks from Vivetta’s autumn/winter collection is a picturesque scene out of an enchanted forest. Bold geometric patterns in bright colors, floral designs, and the flowy forms capture a fairytale-like atmosphere.

Science Fiction-Inspired

Prada, an internationally acclaimed luxury brand turned heads, wowed fashion enthusiasts and, surprisingly, sci-fi fans with its 2019 autumn/winter collection. Many critiques stated that this is a bold new move for the company, but, overall, it was a big success and garnered positive reviews.

Brains Behind Prada

Miuccia Prada is the founder of the renowned clothing brand. Her career in fashion started when she tried to expand her family’s business in merchandising. The brand’s popularity began with a line of nylon handbags and backpacks with the signature labeling.  A few years later, Prada released a line of clothing called the “ uniforms for the slightly disenfranchised.”

Years after working closely with Bertelli, Prada’s success was an upward trajectory. Now, it is established in the fashion industry as one of the biggest powerhouses in fashion. Prada has continually retained its elite status and made even more famous in pop culture with the release of the iconic movie The Devil Wears Prada. This year, the band released its new collection in the Milan Fashion Week. Here are the best picks:


Supermodel Cara Delevigne poses in a straight-cut black-and-white long-sleeve dress. It comes with ankle-high leather combat boots. However, the most remarkable detail in the outfit is the printed figures of famous sci-fi characters on the dress. Frankenstein’s monsters indeed made a special appearance in the fashion show.


The next look features tulip details popping out of a white knee-high dress. The real highlight of the outfit is the signature Prada nylon handbag that spearheaded the brand’s success. The overall look was deemed to be “the resurgence of romanticism.”

Sleek, Sparkly, and Elegant

These stunning looks are from Italian designer Alberta Ferretti. Like many Italian fashion icons, Ferretti started her business from a small merchandising decades ago. In 1968, she opened her first boutique and called it Jolly. In 1973, she co-founded Aeffe S.p.A and designed her first collection.

Ferretti is known for her 1960s-reminiscent long-gown designs. Her style and signature techniques featured twisting, tucking, and draping. This year, she retained her signature style and debuted beautiful gown collections. These are our favorites:


This first look features an elegant body-hugging dressed embellished with small, thin silver plates to create an armored-themed look. The gown is unique, flashy, and a real show stopper, perfect for the Academy Awards. It will not be long until some celebrity sports this dress.


Supermodel Bella Hadid walks for Ferreti in an elegant embroidered pearl and sequined cutout bodice. The silk skirt creates a floating illusion while the models walk on the runway. This outfit is fierce and sexy, but the minimalistic design made it elegant and queenly.

Fashion Week in a Nutshell

Every fashionista knows that Milan Fashion Week is an event for the big leagues. Critically acclaimed and renowned fashion powerhouses debut their collections in Italy. What’s interesting is that unlike most designers from the New York and London Fashion Week, the Italian brands have been prominent for decades.

Therefore, it is safe to say that time increased the novelty of these companies over the rest. However, beyond that, the essence of every fashion week is celebrating creativity, innovation, and passion for clothing artistry.

The 2019 collections have been feasts for the eyes. What is your favorite look?