What’s Your Hair Type?

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Are you not sure what products to use so your hair can look as luscious as it does on models in commercials? Or are you too afraid to go for a certain hairstyle because you don’t know if it will agree with your locks? This is why it’s important to determine your hair type – once you figure this out, you will be able to pick the best treatments and styling ideas for your hair.

Type 1: Oily, Straight Hair
If your hair falls flat and you can’t make it curly without resorting to heat tools, then there’s no dilemma – you have type one hair. This type is usually characterized by straight hair which has a tendency to get oily due to its inability to hold curl.

Type 2: Wavy, Rebellious Hair
In everyday speech, this type of hair is generally referred to as “wavy”. Type two hair tends to be drier than straight hair, which is why it can sometimes become frizzy and difficult to manage.

Type 3: Strong, Curly Hair
Your mane has plenty of texture and a defined S-shaped curl? Then you belong to the type three hair category. This type of hair can vary greatly depending on external factors (hair products, humidity) and can sometimes be a challenge to style.

Type 4: Dry, Coiled Hair
Characterized by tight coils that can be cylindrical or zigzag-shaped, type four hair has a tendency to get very dry due to its rich texture. This is why it requires regular moisture and extra care when styling.

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