5 Skin Care Benefits of the Cold Weather

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5 Skin Care Benefits of the Cold Weather
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Benefits of the cold weather? Yes, you have heard (read) that right! Cold weather is sometimes said to be a mixed blessing. Because of the falling changes in temperature and humidity, the cold weather makes our skin dry and cracked at places, but, surprisingly, it does have some positive effects on our skin as well.

Cold weather reduces clogs in your pores

Sometimes cold weather acts as astringent, keeping the pores of your skin clog-free. This, in its turn, reduces the possibility of acne.

Cold weather helps you sleep better

You need a proper amount of sleep to stay and look healthy. Sometimes hot weather can be nightmare: we toss, we turn, we change positions, but the sleep doesn’t seem to come! Cool weather helps to fall asleep quicker and get the sleep we need so much.

Cold weather reduces inflammation

Cold weather makes your blood circulate better, therefore reducing the inflammation and puffiness not only under your eyes, but also on your whole face.

Cold weather helps you look younger

Cold weather rejuvenates the skin! You sure have heard/read about washing your face with cold water in the mornings, haven’t you? Cold makes your skin tight and lively.

Cold weather burns fat

Cold weather has the “ability” to quicken the calorie-burning process.  In order to keep us warm, our bodies burn more energy, which means burning more calories. Cold weather stimulates brown fat.

You have seen/heard about those people, who like to jump into ice-cold water in winter because they believe that it is good for their health, haven’t you? We don’t know whether this is true or not (well, at least this is not fully proven scientifically). But the fact that cold weather can have both negative and positive effects on your skin is undoubtable.

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