Mothers are great, wouldn’t you say so? They are with you when you’re happy, they cry with you when you’re sad, they teach you right from wrong, and they gave you a teeny weeny, very unimportant gift: Life.

Being a mom is a 24/7 job without pay. It’s very difficult, but utterly rewarding at the same time. Moms are the cornerstone of every family, and therefore of society. Want more reasons why Mom is so amazing?

Ok, here they are:

    1. She’s warm and cuddly – Research has shown that a mother’s breast has the precise temperature to keep her baby warm.
    2. She’s the heart of the house – Accept it, it was your mom who always ended the fights with your siblings.
    3. Her love is unlike any other – No one will ever love you like your mom does.
    4. She’s irreplaceable – Her advice is the best, and she’ll always laugh at your (stupid) jokes.
    5. She can forgive anything – Even that you ruined her favorite makeup kit.
    6. There’s nothing you could do or say to make her not love you – You could rob a bank and you’ll still be her baby.
    7. She taught you manners – Chew with your mouth closed, and say please and thank you.
    8. She can be adamant about grades and curfews, but she’ll still be your BFF – You can always tell her your deepest secrets, but be sure to get straight A’s, too.
    9. She’ll always have your back – She’s the one you can always trust 100%.
    10. She’ll always defend you – from anyone or anything.

For being as incredible as they are, moms deserve the best of the best on Mother’s Day. Have you thought about what you’re going to give your mom this year? Is it going to be brunch at her favorite restaurant? Or, maybe, that beautiful golden necklace she saw in the store the other day? Maybe you and your siblings are planning a big surprise party. Or, taking her on that trip to that beach she likes. A luxurious Spa day, perhaps? Or just a manicure, to catch up with you and sisters. Whatever it may be, we know that the gift has to be special and unique as she is.

I must confess that I’m not very good at choosing presents for my mom. I’m not good choosing presents at all. I always think I just bought the perfect gift, but in reality, it’s the worst. Mom always acts happily surprised and thankful, but, deep inside, I know she’s just trying very hard not to hurt my feelings.

Finding the Perfect Gift for My Mom

“My mother… she is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.” ~Jodi Picoult

My mom has always taken very good care of her skin. Even now, at 76 years old, she still has a beautifully smooth and soft complexion, and her skin doesn’t look a day over 50. Since I was a kid I remember seeing her apply moisturizers, toners, masks, becoming even more beautiful right in front of my eyes. And with that same zeal, she has insisted my sister and I take care of our skin and our overall health.

So this year I decided I wanted to give Mom a gift she could really enjoy, and what better than some skin care products.

For some time now, I’ve heard good things about the beauty brand Venofye. Famously, their products include bee venom as one of their main ingredients.

I knew that bees were very important for the planet. They pollinize about one-sixth of the plants worldwide and they help produced one-third of everything we eat in the U.S. alone. So, these are very hardworking insects!

Not satisfied with all they do for our world, now Bees can also help you look beautiful?! Who would have thought!

According to Venofye’s webpage, “bee venom essentially fools your skin into believing that it has been stung, which sends it in an overdrive of collagen production and skin tightening.” So they have several collections that include this amazing rejuvenating ingredient. They got cleansers, moisturizers, serums, masks, sheet masks, and even a men’s skin care collection, all made of bee venom!

But it’s not in its bee venom products that I focused on. For my mom, I went for something a little more traditional, but equally effective and beautifying: The Body Scrub and the Body Butter.

If you haven’t tried scrubs, you’re in for a treat!

On Body Scrubs and Exfoliation

Body scrubs are a beauty treatment in which we exfoliate the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

But, what’s exfoliation?

Wikipedia explains exfoliation like this:

“Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface.”

Exfoliating helps your skin get a smoother feeling and a dewy look. If you don’t exfoliate regularly, you may end with clogged pores, which prevents your skin to absorb moisture, ending with dull and dry skin.

Here are 10 skin benefits you can get from exfoliating regularly:

  1. Youthful, glowing skin
  2. Minimizes the appearance of pores
  3. Reduces breakouts
  4. Allows better absorption of skin care products
  5. Diminishes the look wrinkles
  6. Can help reduce stress
  7. Makes your tan last longer  
  8. Improves skin texture
  9. Makes shaving easier
  10. Smooths razor bumps

Humankind has been scrubbing and exfoliating all over the world throughout history.. Some Native Americans used dried corn cobs. In Ancient Egypt, they used pumice stones and alabaster particles. Other cultures mixed sand and aloe vera.

Nowadays, we can find body scrubs made of sugar or salt, like Venofye’s Salt Scrub. Its ingredients are:

  • Petroleum Hydrocarbon
  • Salt
  • Fragrance

Salt is very beneficial for the skin, because it’s detoxifying, helps clean pores deeply, and it can balances oil production.

For purposes of research, I decided to give my mom her gifts some weeks prior to Mother’s Day. I can say already that she was DELIGHTED with her presents, and couldn’t wait to try them and help me with my investigation.

This is her narrating her beauty adventure:

I began by wetting my skin with lukewarm water, and cleansing with a soft body gel. After rinsing all the soap and allowing the warm water to soften my skin and prepare it for exfoliation, I opened the bottle that contained the body scrub. A delicious yet soft smell fill the bathroom immediately. I applied the salt scrub in circular motion, applying some pressure, but not much. Mixed with the salt, I could feel an oily emulsion that helped the salt to distribute well. The process of exfoliating and the soft smell made me feel completely relaxed. When I rinsed the scrub, I could feel the amazing softness of my skin! It felt like silk! It was really a wonderful sensation! The only problem I found is that after that, the floor of my shower was very slippery and I had to get out of it very carefully.

The body scrub was an utter success! Woohoo! Finally, I chose a nice gift for mom!

But that’s not all; oh, no, not yet!

For Satiny Smoothness, Use Body Butter

First of all, I want to clarify the differences between body oil, body lotion, and body butter.

A body oil is:

In terms of texture and thickness, a body oil has the lightest viscosity, and they resemble the natural oil in our skin and are absorb easily. They are usually non-comedogenic, so they won’t break your skin out. Ideally, you should apply oils to damp skin, so it’s recommended to use them right after the shower and before you dry with a towel.

Lotions are:

Body moisturizers with a higher viscosity than oils, but lower than creams and butters. They are great for skins that aren’t overly dry, because they absorb quickly and don’t leave skin with a sticky or oily feeling.

Body Butters:

I love body butters! That’s maybe because I suffer from dry skin and body butters are like an elixir for me. They are great because they provide a protective barrier that locks in moisture, leaving your skin as soft as pure silk.

Body butters are often made from vegetable-based oils, like cocoa or shea butter. I prefer shea because it’s as rich in oils and viscosity as cocoa, but the scent is more subtle.

Venofye’s Body Butter

Venofye’s Body Butter contains shea butter and it’s rich, but without being sticky. Just as the body scrub, it smells very soft and leaves your skin with a delicate fragrance.

Of course, my mom used it, and here is what she had to say about it.

After I padded my skin dry with the towel, and proceeded to apply the Venofye Body Butter. Just as with the scrub, I could smell a soft fragrance coming out of the bottle. The consistency of the butter looked rich an enticing. I couldn’t way to experience how it felt to apply it to my skin. It glided deliciously and my skin couldn’t felt softer and smoother!

I definitely love these gifts!


Mission accomplished! I finally could give my mom a gift that she could really appreciate! I feel happy and the best daughter in the world!

So, you don’t have to worry about being the worst son or daughter in the world. Just do like me and your mother will love you again (jajaja, kidding! Didn’t you see my #6 on why mothers are great?).

If you still need some ideas for Mother’s Day, I can still give you some more. Venofye has a complete line (or lines, I should say) of skin care products. So here’s a list of what I think mothers would love to have in their beauty repertoire.

Venofye’s Best Skin Care Products for Moms

  1. Body Cream – I didn’t have the chance to try the body cream Body Cream, but knowing now how the body scrub and the body butters are, I can tell you right now, that the body cream must be as good as its other products.
  2. Queen Bee Collection – Aren’t all moms the Queen Bee of our homes? Well then won’t this collection be perfect for her? This collection features a cleansing duo, a clarifying cream, a sheet mask (so in demand in these days), day and night cream, facial serum, a facial peeling, and a neck and chest treatment! Let’s admitted, very rarely we take care of the skin of our neck and chest, and it is as important and delicate as our face.
  3. Royal Jelly Bee Eye Collection – The skin around our eyes is very delicate and need special attention. Well, Venofye has a complete collection dedicated to the windows of the soul!
  4. Orchard Bee Collection – Featuring moisturizer with SPF 30 (super important!), a face mask, and a dark spot solution.
  5. Apitoxin Collagen Collection – Collagen is essential for the skin’s flexibility and tightness. Don’t you want your mom keep looking young forever?
  6. ViperLift Collection – This collection is Venofye’s more avant-garde one, because it has snake venom as its main ingredient! A-ma-zing!
  7. Ageless Energizing Mask – This mask is great to give a youthful touch to your mom’s skin. I bet she will be very happy with this. You can give it as one gift or as part of the other collections.

I forgot to tell you that these collections mentioned here possess the bee venom ingredient I told you earlier. Isn’t that super cool!

I know that looking for presents sometimes can be kind of hectic, but try to have fun in the process. You are the person that best know your mom, so don’t hesitate to go with your first hunch.

My mom definitely loved the gifts I gave her, so I’m good for this Mother’s Day. But I shall not worry next years, because I will follow my own advice and my own list of possible presents.

Now you don’t have excuses. You have found all the help you needed.

“Bee-lieve” me, she will love any of these amazing gifts or any gift that you give her if it’s given with love.