Dreary winter months are over and summer is here to present you with an ideal opportunity to give your hair a much-needed update. Whether for you that means going for a subtle change in hue or a full-on bold makeover, here are some of the hottest hair color trends for the summer ahead of us.

Icy Blonde

Even though this intense color evocative of the ‘90s grunge era may look intimidating at first, there’s a good reason why it’s here to stay: when done right, it can give a whole new edge to your look – especially if it’s styled into a pixie cut or stylish bob.

Tiger Eye

This flattering hairstyle features a luxurious mix of soft brown, caramel and amber shades – all combined by using balayage coloring technique. The tiger eye is incredibly low maintenance and works great on any complexion, so it’s no wonder it has become of the most hyped hair trends of the year.

Subtle Babylights

These sophisticated, minimal highlights are the best way to liven up otherwise dull brunette hair. Rich caramel shades will compliment warmer skin tones, while chestnut highlights will instantly brighten up those who have cool or neutral complexion.

Rose Gold

If you are looking to do something unique with your hair, but are too afraid to go for one of those ultra-pigmented blues and pinks, you can opt for a soft rose gold hue. This delicate shade can look amazing on any skin tone and will elevate your look while remaining elegant.