Now that the festive season has finally arrived, we’re all too excited to start planning out Christmas makeup looks! From a dash of glitter to statement colored lips and dramatic false eyelashes, we have scoured the internet to bring you the best and most festive makeup looks for Christmas 2019!

Want to know the best part?

Each look comes with a handy step-by-step tutorial!

Pink Eyeshadow And Statement Red Lips

What’s one of the many things we love about this time of year?

The dazzlingly beautiful colors all around! 

Why not take inspiration from the vivid festive hues and incorporate them into your makeup look? 

How To Create This Look

  • Apply your moisturizer and primer and allow it to settle into your skin before applying your foundation
  • Next, choose a foundation with high coverage and use concealer to cover over any unwanted blemishes 
  • Comb out your brows and add only light definition to maintain a natural-looking finish
  • Choose a light to mid pink eye shadow with a high pigment and iridescent finish. Apply this all over your lid to just below your brow
  • Finish off your eyes with a light sweep of lengthening mascara
  • Next, apply a light sweep of highlight to your cheekbones and brow bone 
  • Then, a light dusting of peachy blush on the apples of your cheeks
  • Finally, finish off your look with a bold, deep red lipstick with a high-shine finish as opposed to matte. Learn how to get the perfect red lip before you start out!

Pink Eyes And Lips

There’s nothing prettier than a makeup look created totally in varying shades of pink! We’re loving this softy sparkling look and intend to wear it all season long! It’s for any and every event on your festive calendar.

How To Create This Look

  • Start with moisturizer, a long-lasting primer and use a foundation with light coverage
  • Brush your eyebrows through and fill them in with a thin pencil or powder
  • Using a highly pigmented pink eyeshadow, sweep the formula over both eyelids and no further
  • Next, use a highly pigmented, light gold eye shadow to highlight the corners of your eyes
  • Draw an even line of liquid liner along your top lash line, curl your lashes and sweep on a lengthening mascara
  • A light amount of peach blush and dusting of highlighter on your cheeks is all that’s needed 
  • Finally, choose a nude pink lipstick to lightly color your lips!

Deep Blue And Gold Eyes

Looking for a fresh new Christmas makeup look?

We have you covered!

We adore this dramatic deep blue and gold eye color and think it’s absolutely fabulous for a new twist on Christmas makeup! It’s a great alternative when you want to bring a little drama to your look in colors other than those we usually associate with Christmas.

How To Create This Look

  • Prime your face and apply your favorite foundation
  • A light dusting of bronzer is all that’s needed in terms of cheek color. Remember, this look is all about the eyes!
  • Using a deep gold eyeshadow, apply it to the corners and inner half of your eyelids closest to your nose
  • Next, take a vibrant blue shadow and sweep it from the outer corners towards the center of the lid to meet the gold
  • Use a blending brush to blend the two colors seamlessly together, curl your lashes and apply two coats of blue mascara!
  • Brush your eyebrows through and define their shape and color with a brow pencil to balance out the drama of your eyes
  • A subtle nude lipstick or even a clear lip balm will be the perfect finish touch to let all focus remain on that gorgeous eye color!

Feathery Brows And Deep Cassis Lips

This makeup look makes a truly bold statement that’s ideal for the holidays, especially December 25th! We adore the contrast of feathery brows and fluttery lashes with the deep, alluring shade of cassis lipstick.

How To Create This Look

  • Once you’ve primed your face and applied your foundation, use a setting powder to create a soft finish to the base of your makeup
  • Next, use a bronzing powder to bring color to your cheeks and to contour along your hairline and cheekbones
  • A highlighting powder can then be used along the nose, brow bones and cheekbones to bring a dewy finish 
  • For your brows, use a brow comb to add volume and height. Then, use a small amount of setting gel or serum to keep them in place. If you’ve not tried this look before don’t worry. Surprisingly, it’s pretty simple to learn how to do feathered brows! 
  • Line your upper lash line with a thinly tipped liquid liner and apply long and wispy false lashes
  • Finally, top off your look with a dramatic cassis colored lipstick for a theatrical finish!

Golden Eyes

There’s nothing more festive than bringing a touch of golden sparkle to your makeup look. This stunning metallic gold finish will be the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas outfit! Break out the gold eyeshadow, it’s about to get seriously sparkly!

How To Create This Look

  • Once you have your base and foundation on, comb through your brows and set them with brow serum
  • Use a cream blush and a liquid highlighter to create color with a dewy finish for your cheeks 
  • Moving on to your eyes, select a pigmented dark gold shadow. Cover your lids and below your bottom lash line to surround your eye with shimmering gold tones!
  • Finish with a generous line of jet black liquid eyeliner along your top lash line and a volumizing mascara!

Mauve Makeup

As much as we adore the deep, rich colors this season has to offer, it’s always nice to mix it up and go for something a little different, or even more subtle, for Christmas makeup look! This is a great one to try if you’re searching for makeup that’s natural with a hint of sparkle or if you don’t usually wear a lot/any makeup, but want to jazz up your look for the holidays.

How To Create This Look

  • With your skin primed and a foundation with light coverage applied, you’re ready for the rest of your face
  • Define your combed brows with a pencil for a strong finish and add a touch of setting serum
  • A light dusting of blush that’s closer to brown that pink on the apples of your cheeks is all you need
  • Next, sweep a pearlescent mauve eyeshadow over your lids to just below the brow bone
  • Curl your lashes and sweep a volumizing mascara to add definition to your eyes.

Purple Sparkle

Shimmery makeup looks are a December favorite and we love finding new and exciting ways to incorporate them. This next look uses a huge amount of sparkle and, excitingly, manages it without a hint of silver or gold!

We bet you’re wondering how it’s done, right?

Read on and all will be revealed!

How To Create This Look

  • Use a peachy pink cream blush to color your cheeks on top of your primer and foundation
  • Next, choose a sparkling deep purple eyeshadow and apply it all over the lid, graduating the color towards the brows and stopping just beneath them
  • Comb your brows through leaving them soft and fluffy so as not to steal focus from your eyes and lips
  • Finally, finish off your dramatic makeup look with a dark purple lipstick with a shiny finish!

Charcoal Eyes

We all love the idea of dark and smokey eye makeup but the thought of applying black shadow to our lids can be daunting, not to mention incredibly tricky to get right! That being said, there is another, even more, on-trend way to achieve the sultry look you desire and we’ll explain how!

 How To Create This Look

  • With your skin primed and moisturized, apply a light sweep of bronzing powder to your skin to give a healthy glow
  • Next, comb your eyebrows through and set them lightly in place with a serum
  • Using a thin brush, create a neat line of charcoal eyeshadow to primed lids and a cat-eye shape towards the outer lids. Also, line your bottom lash line with the shadow
  • Fill this shape in with your silvery charcoal shadow to cover both lids
  • Line both eyes with a thin line of liquid eyeliner, finishing at the edge of your eyelids to let the shadow take the focus
  • Curl your lashes and apply a light sweep of black mascara
  • Finish off by lining the inside bottom lash line with a black pencil eyeliner for dramatic effect!

Natural Face And Red Lips

It’s always nice to look and feel our best on Christmas day but that doesn’t always mean we want to spend hours doing our makeup or to apply a great deal of product. If the quick and easy option that still makes a high impact sounds like your Christmas wish come true then this next look is certainly for you!

How To Create This Look

  • Rather than reaching for heavy moisturizers and primers, opt for a tinted moisturizer instead. Not only is this a lighter and quicker option for your base, but you’ll also soon notice the benefits of tinted moisturizer!
  •  Apply a light sweep of peachy blush to your cheeks for a touch of color, powder or cream blush will work but we prefer a cream to keep this look natural and dewy
  • Next, curl your lashes and apply a quick sweep of your favorite mascara
  • Pro tip: try dabbing a spot of highlighter toward the corners of your eyes to brighten them!
  • Finish your look by applying a gorgeously bright shade of red lipstick and you’re all set!

If you truly love this look as we do, why not go all out and match your nails with our list of the 14 Hottest Red Nail Art Designs In 2019.

Autumnal Orange

It may be winter now, but we just can’t let go of those irresistible browns and orange of fall!

And who says we have to?

Certainly not us!

If you too find yourself already reminiscing over the sumptuous, warm textures and colors of the season passed, adopt that inspiration into your makeup look and go for this sultry shade of orange this Christmas! 

How To Create This Look

  • Select a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone whilst offering full coverage and apply this to primed, moisturized skin
  • Apply a light sweep of light pink powder blush to the apples of your cheeks
  • Using a brow pencil, fill in combed brows making sure the outsides have strong definition but that the inside edge is softer
  • Apply a deep, almost golden, shade of highly pigmented orange eyeshadow, concentrating on the outsides of your lid and graduating the color inwards. Also, make sure to sweep the shadow neatly along beneath your bottom lash line
  • Next, take a finely tipped liquid eyeliner and draw a fine line along your top lash line into a gentle cat-eye shape
  • Finally, add a delicate sweep of black mascara to contrast the orange on your lids!

Smoky Brown Eyes

When it comes to smoky eye looks, we simply adore deep shades of brown combined with a nude lip. Take your holiday look to a sultry new level and create this irresistible idea for yourself!

How To Create This Look

  • Use a foundation with light coverage or even just a tinted moisturizer to ensure a dewy finish to your skin
  • Next, define your brows with a pencil to make your eyeshadow stand out even more!
  • Apply a dab of pink blush to the apples of your cheeks
  • Next, sweep your brown eye shadow over your lids and upwards towards your brows
  • Add a sweeping cat eyeliner look with a liquid liner and finish your eyes with a volumizing mascara. If this is a technique you’re unfamiliar with you can easily learn the trick to getting the perfect cat-eye. 
  • Finish off your look with a matte nude lipstick and you’re all set.

Happy Holidays!