My Vivo Per Lei Review: Body Scrub and Body Butter

By |2018-05-22T10:36:42+00:00April 19, 2018|Product Reviews|

Have you ever treated yourself to an actual spa day? What an experience! From the paper thin lemons floating in the cool ice water to the fluffy white bathrobes, they treat you like the star of the show. But did you know that you [...]

My Resveralife Review: Tea Infuser

By |2018-05-15T12:57:11+00:00December 5, 2017|Product Reviews|

Here are my findings on Resveralife after doing some online sleuth work: This healthy-lifestyle brand features resveratrol, a polyphenol naturally derived from red grapes, wine, cranberries, and even Japanese knotweed. Numerous studies have shown that polyphenols like resveratrol — when combined [...]

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