We all know the feeling. You open your closet to a rail full of clothes and still you feel you’ve nothing to wear. Maybe you don’t have the time to shop or your sense of style has dramatically changed. Perhaps you’re not even sure what your style is these days! 

Well, no need to fret. Step away from those faded jeans and that trusty-but-tired sweater and feast your eyes on these must-have fashion subscription boxes. They might just be the stylish shake up you’ve been waiting for!

Stitch Fix


One of the more well-known subscriptions on our list is by the monthly online styling service, Stitch Fix. Available for men women and children, this subscription service works with an impressive 250 brands for women and 30 brands for men. 

How does it work?

Simply fill out the 10-15 minute questionnaire to create your style profile choosing the sizes, styles and price range that suits you best. Once that’s completed, pick your delivery date and pay a $20 styling fee to receive your box!

Want to know the best part?

Your styling fee gets automatically credited towards any items you keep!

Trying your clothes on in the comfort of your own home means you get a much better feel for the pieces. You can also try teaming them up with other items you already own to see if they fit in with your existing closet. Finally, keep what you love and send back what you don’t. Shipping and returns are also free!

The Cost

Individual items range between $25 – $500 for men and women and start from $10 for children. If you love every piece you receive and decide to keep all items in your delivery you’ll receive 25% off your entire bill!

The Shipping

Stitch Fix currently ships for free to the US and UK. Order yours here.

Rent The Runway


If you live for celebrity red carpet looks like we do, you’re going to adore Rent The Runway. We also recommend this service for a more environmentally friendly way to achieve an ever-changing closet. Choose your preferred plan and get ready for a never-ending sea of compliments!

How does it work?

There are three fun and flexible ways to rent the runway…

Reserve: This service allows you to rent pieces for 4 or 8 days.

Update: A monthly subscription allowing rental or 4+ pieces per shipment every single month.

Unlimited: Our favourite Rent The Runway service and allows you to constantly rent new pieces keeping your wardrobe fresh and up to date for a higher monthly fee. You can swap out any item, any time and there’s also no return dates! 

The Cost

Rentals start from $30 and returns are free. The update service is $89 ($69 trial month) whereas the Unlimited service costs $259 per month ($80 off a 60-day day trial period). Both offer free shipping, dry cleaning and insurance. 

The Shipping

Rent The Runway is currently only available in the US. (We’re hoping this one goes international soon as women all over the world deserve to get their hands on this huge variety of coveted pieces! )  Order yours here.

Box Of Style


Another fashion subscription box you’re likely to have come across in your search for the perfect closet is Box Of Style. But, is it worth it? We say absolutely! It’s great value for money whilst each piece is curated by renowned fashion designer Rachel Zoe and delivered right to your door! We love that you’re able to see the items before they arrive too. 

How does it work?

You’ll receive a box of fabulous pieces four times a year (every three months) worth over $400 for less than $100. Additionally, you can enhance your delivery with items from the Add On Marketplace. These pieces have also been chosen by Rachel Zoe and members can receive up to 70% off. 

The Cost

There are two options for your payments. You can either choose to pay for the year upfront at $349.99 which saves you $50, or, opt for quarterly installments of $99.99. 

The Shipping

Box Of Style ships to the US, UK, Australia and Canada. Whilst shipping is free for orders within the United States, international orders cost $15 per box. Order yours here.

Luxe Catch


Take Luxe Catch’s simple style quiz and select your price range to receive specially curated boxes that fit your style delivered every month! With up to 90% off of retail prices, this is definitely a subscription worth every penny!

How does it work?

Once you’ve taken the 5-10 minute style quiz you’ll need to choose which box type suits you best, the Bargain box or the Posh box. You can also choose to skip the month or cancel your subscription at any time making this one perfectly flexible with your lifestyle and your bank account!

The Cost 

The Posh Box costs $250 per month although the items inside have a huge combined value of $1000! If you’re looking for a considerably lower-priced option, opt for the Bargain Box priced at a very reasonable $50 per month. This box still has an impressive retail value of $200. 

The Shipping

Your shipping costs will be calculated at the checkout for each order, Luxe Catch ships to over 200 countries worldwide! Order yours here.

Golden Tote


Is it technically cheating if we include this one? 

No, we didn’t think so either!

You’ll receive this gorgeous monthly subscription not in a box, but in a super cute tote instead! We love this idea and appreciate the adorable design of the bag too. No monthly subscription is required and you can also add any must-have items you see in the on-site boutique to your order!

How does it work?

Totes are available to buy from 9 am on the first Monday of every month and there are three options to choose from…

The Mini Tote – (2 items) One piece is chosen by you, the other is a total surprise.

The Surprise Tote – (3 items) Let Golden Tote take the lead and you’ll receive three surprise pieces.

The Golden Tote – (5 items) Two chosen by you, three lovely surprises.

Once you’ve chosen your tote, fill out your style profile with as much information on your sizing and style as possible to get the best pieces in your delivery!

The Cost 

The Mini Tote -$59

The Surprise Tote – $89

The Golden Tote – $149

The Shipping

Golden Tote has flat rate shipping charges which cost $6.95 within the US (free shipping for orders over $149) and $30 for international orders. Order yours here.

Yoga Club


This one’s for all the gym bunnies out there! If you’re tired of overpaying for your workout clothes or need help putting together activewear outfits, sign up for Yoga Club. You’ll not only receive a full outfit each month, but you’ll get it for at least 50% off the retail price!

How does it work?

As expected, there is a style quiz. That being said, this one’s a little more unique in that you’ll have to let the stylists know how you like to exercise too. This ensures they’re sending the right outfits to suit the needs of your workout as well as sticking to your personal style and budget. As opposed to a few random pieces that you’d have to attempt matching with items you already own, you’ll receive a full three-piece outfit from the brands you love!

The Cost 

Amazingly, you’ll pay just $79 or less for a box containing items that, combined, retail for $160 or more.

The Shipping

Yoga Club currently ships to the US and Canada, plus the UK, Europe and Australia. For a full breakdown of prices, links to their international store sites or to order, click here.

From Rachel


Now for something a little different! We’re psyched that fall is finally here and winter just around the corner because that means… it’s tights season! If you love a gorgeous pair of patterned tights as much as we do, you’re about to discover the subscription box of your dreams. You may also have noticed an abundance of colorful tights on the runways this year. Get a little extra inspiration for when your box arrives with our favourite street styles from New York Fashion Week 2019. 

How does it work?

This adorable set up makes providing your style choices an absolute breeze whilst feeling like super personal experience. Simply click the ‘Meet Rachel’ button under the subscribe tab to get started on your journey to perfect tights! Once you’ve answered a few simple questions, you’ll be recommended the most beautiful designs based on your answers which can then be added to your box for delivery!

‘Do I have to choose a monthly subscription?’  we hear you ask:

No! You can choose to get a box every one, two or three months!

You can also opt to skip a month, receive more than one order a month or pause your subscription at any time. You’ll love the flexibility of this cute and quirky box!

The Cost 

You’ll receive two pairs of tights in every order for just $27.50. 

The Shipping

Rachel ships to the US and Canada (costing between $4.50 – $7) as well as to Europe. Taxes and duties are not included at checkout for international customers. Order yours here.

Elizabeth And Clarke


Elizabeth And Clarke is a selection box with a difference! Choose the work styles that you love for your box or have each delivery curated specially for you. You certainly won’t be disappointed with the quality of the items either. With un-stainable fabrics, secretly adjustable pant hems and bra strap holders to name a few of their incredibly useful qualities, you won’t believe just how fashionable and functional your everyday work wardrobe is about to become. 

How does it work?

Choose a shirt only subscription to build up your work wardrobe basics or opt for suit separates to give your closet a solidly stylish foundation!

Once you’ve chosen whether to select the items yourself or have them picked for you, your boxes can be delivered every 3 or 6 months dependent on your preference. This allows each order to focus on the appropriate clothing choices for the current season as well as what’s on-trend!

Want to know the bonus?

We thought you would!

Not only can you order past season items you might have missed, but you can also choose to skip or cancel your subscription at any time with no charges involved!

The Cost 

Elizabeth And Clarke has a wide range of subscription boxes and prices which can be found right here.

The Shipping

Elizabeth And Clarke ship to over 200 countries worldwide! There is an additional cost for orders shipping outside the US, $15 to Canada and $25 for all international locations. Order yours here.

A Curated Thrift


Last, but by no means least, we have the eternally sustainable, and sweetly personal, A Curated Thrift. Not only do we love this subscription for its commitment to recyclable fashion, but also for how well-curated and thoughtful each and every box is. 

This box is perfect if you’re living in a smaller town without access to great thrift stores. It’s also the perfect choice for those wanting to practice a more sustainable approach to refreshing their closet, who don’t have the time to spend browsing the rails. Let’s be honest, thrift shopping can be tricky and often time-consuming!

How does it work?

You can choose your subscription from the following three options…

My Vintage Box – This option gets you one authentically vintage piece of clothing per month. The best part is you get to choose the style you’d like to receive from four different eras during the sign-up process!

My Thrift Box – Two thrifted pieces per month.

My Deluxe Box – Four thrifted pieces per month.

The Cost

You can expect to pay a set price for the Vintage Box but prices for the thrifted boxes will vary significantly depending on the contents each month. 

My Vintage Box – $34.95

My Thrift Box – $44.95 – $159.95

My Deluxe Box – $59.95 – $224.95

The Shipping

Shipping costs for A Curated Thrift will be calculated at checkout and they ship both within the US and internationally. Order yours here.

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